/$250 million awarded for emergency road and bridge projects

$250 million awarded for emergency road and bridge projects

$250 million was announced in August to go towards 163 projects throughout the state. Mississippi Department of Transportation will be receiving $16 million to repair Interstate 20. MDOT will also receive $8 million to maintain Highway 51. Speaker Philip Gunn stated that the MDOT will receive $8 million for maintenance on Highway 51. “… I commend them for acting quickly and look forward seeing the work start.” The Mississippi Transportation Commission prioritizes bridge and road deficiencies that hinder safety, economic vitality, mobility, and mobility. According to data from the Office of State Aid Road Construction, Jackson and Forrest counties will get the most funding — $16 million and 14 million, respectively. Both counties have fewer closed bridges (7 in total) than other areas of the state. The $4 million will be given to Washington County, which has 31 of the most closed bridges. Hinds County (28), which has the second-most closed bridges, received $1.6 million. The cities of Jackson, Clinton, and Clinton will each receive a million dollars. The news was welcomed by Barry Cumbest, Jackson County Supervisor. Cumbest stated that the county will replace two bridges at Wade-Vancleave Road. Cumbest claimed they were built in the 1950s. Cumbest stated that the bridges had been in use for a long time, and were still going. “We were going have to close the roads probably within a year or so if we didn’t get funding.” The $12 million award covers a bridge that spans the Pascagoula river. It measures over 1,200 feet in length and is 100 feet high. Cumbest stated that the Federal Highway Administration grades bridges on a scale of 0-100 to 100, with 100 being the best. The bridge received a 38 during its last inspection. Wade-Vancleave Road is used by approximately 2,500 cars each day, including school buses. Cumbest stated that he does not know when the county will be able to receive the funds. However, he said they will accept bids from contractors once they have. Then they will determine how long it will take to replace the bridge. Forrest County will be receiving $15 million to repair East Hardy Street. For the complete list of eligible projects, click here.