/$30M federal education grant boosts Delta Health Alliance programs

$30M federal education grant boosts Delta Health Alliance programs

In a press release, the organization stated that the grant will enable Delta Health Alliance to offer programs similar the Indianola Promise Community in Sunflower County. Bill Kennedy, chairman of the Delta Health Alliance Board, stated that he was humbled to be selected for this funding. He also expressed gratitude that Delta Health Alliance will now have the opportunity to assist targeted families in Washington County with programs that improve academic achievement as well as health care. Kennedy stated that the Deer Creek Promise neighborhood will work with local school districts, as well as a variety of public and private agencies and organizations to provide coordinated programs that will increase student readiness, academic achievement and college and career readiness. This will also help students and their families. According to the release, the Deer Creek Promise Neighborhood’s service area will include the Leland-Hollandale public schools, Arcola, Hollandale, and Leland towns, as well as the unincorporated communities Stoneville, Freedom Village and Elizabeth.