/A character guide for reading ‘The Backchannel’ series

A character guide for reading ‘The Backchannel’ series

PART I: Phil Bryant wanted a payout when welfare funds flowed towards Brett Favre. John Davis was the director of Mississippi Department of Human Services from 2016-2019. Nancy New is the son of a prominent private school operator and founder of the Mississippi Community Education Center Zach New. Nancy New is the accountant for Nancy New. Gregory “Latimer Smith” Smith is Bryant’s friend and former educator. Bryant was also the former chief of staff of Joe Canizaro and State Early Childhood Advisory Council. Andrea Mayfield, who was director of the State Workforce Investment Board Tate Ree Ree. Senator from Pennsylvania. The athletes were Brett Favre, a retired Hall of Fame NFL quarterback, from Kiln in Mississippi Ted DiBiase Jr., and Ted’s son and CEO of the Mississippi Community Education Center Zach New. Bryant was Bryant’s former chief of staff and current business partner Joe Canizaro. Bryant staffer Zola Hartalson, Davis’ secretary for MDHS The Family of Families First Noah McRae. This is a great-nephew to Gov. Phil Bryant is the grandson of Deborah Bryant and a former student at Nancy New’s private schools Austin Smith. He was also the IT coordinator for Families First. He also managed the Mississippi Community College Board preschool grant. Myers is the husband of Lynne Myers. He is the former deputy director for Department of Public Safety. The MDHS team Christopher Freeze, Phil Bryant’s director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, will be replacing Bob Anderson. Tate Reeves appointed the current director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services. He was previously a prosecutor for the Mississippi AttorneyGeneral’s Public Integrity Division. Jody Owens, Hinds county District Attorney, was first elected in 2019. Stephanie Palmertree was the director of financial compliance at the state auditor’s office. The defense attorneys Scott Gilbert, attorney for Teddy DiBiase Jr., and Hinds Country Assistant District Attorney Brad Pigott were hired by MDHS to bring civil cases against people. Martin Center, a Mississippi State University clinic that treats children with learning disabilities. John Davis was asked by Phil Bryant to assist Willowood Developmental Center. This Jackson center is for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Phil Bryant also asked John Davis for assistance with Save the Children.