/Actor Danny Glover, other surrogates campaign for Bernie Sanders in Jackson

Actor Danny Glover, other surrogates campaign for Bernie Sanders in Jackson

Glover, a 73-year old actor, made several stops at Jackson on Monday to talk with voters about Sanders’ plan, “Medicare For All,” which is a Sanders campaign centerpiece. It would provide universal health care for all Americans through a government-run system. Glover spoke to a few voters Monday afternoon at Piccadilly Cafeteria, Jackson Medical Mall. “We’ve been given he idea that this country does not need universal health care.” “But disproportionately African Americans are not receiving health care at all, because so many cannot afford it… We have an occasion with Bernie Sanders to discuss what this could look for so many Americans.” Sanders’ health care plan has drawn ire from within the Democratic Party. On Sunday, Joe Biden, former Vice President, visited Mississippi and opposed Sanders’ health plan. He instead wanted to improve President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which would expand access to medical care. Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton by 66 points in the 2016 Mississippi Democratic Primary. He hopes his surrogates will bring him success in Tuesday’s primary. After Sanders cancelled his Friday visit to Mississippi, the surrogates arrived. In 2018, the Vermont senator visited Mississippi for a town hall discussion with Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba. He endorsed Sanders last week. In 2017, Sanders was also present at a rally for Nissan workers. Glover was also present at the rally. Phillip Agnew (a Sanders surrogate), joined a panel hosted Sunday by the Mississippi Prison Reform Coalition at Alamo Theatre, Jackson. Agnew explained to the audience that Sanders’ criminal reform platform, which was co-authored by organizers and former prisoners, was the most extensive and broadest among all the candidates. It includes legalizing marijuana through executive order, vacating and exonerating past marijuana convictions; eliminating mandatory minimums laws and three-strikes; and ensuring that all prisoners have the right and opportunity to vote. “His entire goal, at his core, is that human beings serve not one being behind bars,” stated Agnew, a Florida activist of 34 years who established the civil rights group Dream Defenders following the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager. Agnew stated that Sanders’ policies directly target ending the war against drugs and reverse the 1994 federal crime bill Biden wrote. Critics of the 1994 law claim it contributed to mass incarceration during the 1990s. To support this important work, you can make a regular donation to the Spring Member Drive today.