/After Rep McLeod found not guilty of domestic violence, Gunn presses for House ethics investigation

After Rep McLeod found not guilty of domestic violence, Gunn presses for House ethics investigation

Gunn stated in a statement that “This entire situation is still very concerning both to me and to other members of Congress.” Although McLeod was found not guilty by the court, it still remains a problem for Gunn as he is a member Mississippi Legislature. “We will refer this matter to the House Ethics Committee for more consideration, as we have done with other issues.” McLeod was arrested in May with domestic violence, which is a misdemeanor. Gunn stated that he had asked his staff at the time to look into ways to remove McLeod from office, if they were true. McLeod (58), a Republican from Lucedale is currently completing his second term as a member of the House. He is not up for re-election in November. According to the Sun Herald, George County Justice Court Judge Mike Bullock found McLeod not guilty after McLeod’s wife, Michele, unexpectedly took the stand and said her husband was in a “state of delirum” after he mixed wine and prescription-strength Ibuprofen when “probably his arm” accidently hit her in the face. According to the Sun Herald, she claimed that she wasn’t assaulted by McLeod. Bullock stated that he could see how this could have happened after he made his ruling. According to the Sun Herald the judge said that Mrs. McLeod was afraid of McLeod. He was afraid of her.” Police reports and testimony at Monday’s trial state that Michele McLeod was found bloodied in her bedroom by police responding to a 911 call. A video from a police bodycam was used to show Michele McLeod, a bloodied woman who told law enforcement that her husband is angry at her for drinking. According to police reports, she said McLeod struck her at the time because she wasn’t getting dressed fast enough for sex. She said Tuesday that she was not upset by her husband’s actions, but rather because she was not properly dressed and was being observed by law enforcement officers at her house. Each chamber of the Legislature has the authority to remove any member who is found guilty of misconduct through a two-thirds vote under the state Constitution. A statement was made. Lucien Smith, the chair of the Mississippi Republican Party, stated that “The Mississippi Republican Party continues its condemnation of domestic violence in the strongest terms.” I agree with Speaker Gunn about Rep. McLeod’s actions and applaud him in referring the matter to the Ethics Committee.”