/Bryant coy on possible Trump Cabinet post

Bryant coy on possible Trump Cabinet post

Bryant is close with the Trump campaign. He was recently the chief Mississippi fundraiser as well as Trump’s surrogate in Louisiana and Florida. Bryant was interviewed Tuesday morning on Supertalk radio about the rumor. Bryant replied, “Um, well Paul Gallo, I’ve also heard that rumor.” It’s going be an exciting campaign to see tonight. We have to vote throughout the day to see if Donald Trump wins, then we can go back and examine who he might consider for future Cabinet positions. Bryant said that it would be great for Mississippi to be part of Donald Trump’s legacy. “But rumors are everywhere these days.” Bryant’s relationship with the New York business mogul seems to be close. According to Republican political consultants, Bryant has raised nearly $2 million alone for Trump’s campaign. Bryant joined former Texas Governor. Rick Perry was in Florida on Friday, and the former Arkansas Governor. Mike Huckabee was in Pennsylvania on Saturday. Bryant was present at six Trump events in Pennsylvania Saturday. The governor of Magnolia State spoke earlier this year to a large Trump audience in Louisiana. Since announcing his candidacy, Trump has been to Mississippi three times. Once for a rally in Biloxi, once for an event in Madison and once for an event and fundraiser in Jackson. Bryant hosted Donald Trump Jr. in July at the Neshoba Country Fair and claimed that his son texted him afterward asking for photos of the rally. When President Barack Obama assumed office in 2009, he appointed Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture. Vilsack, who was a former governor in Iowa, unsuccessfully ran for the Democratic presidential nomination 2008. Vilsack is the first president to have served a full term as agriculture secretary since Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Bryant, if appointed, would be the second Mississippian to take that place on the Cabinet. Ex-Republican Mike Espy was the incumbent during President Bill Clinton’s first term.