/Can Mike Espy use this political moment to boost his Senate candidacy

Can Mike Espy use this political moment to boost his Senate candidacy

Adams was open to politicians attending, but requested that they not be approached by the media if they are interested in the event. Adams stated that “We, our truths and voices must be the center of this narrative we are creating.” Mike Espy (66-year-old Democratic nominee) stood about 15 feet away from the stage. Espy smiled at the reporter when Adams asked. He shrugged his shoulders and seemed to be saying he was there to protest and not for the media. After losing by eight points to Cindy Hyde Smith in the 2018 special election, Espy stated that he would challenge her again. He also said that to be successful this year, he needed to attract more young voters. Espy must have seen Saturday as a step towards achieving this goal. Espy stated that his strategy is to not only engage young voters about the issues of today but also tie his past to those goals. Many protesters wore Black Lives Matters T-shirts and other attire to highlight the issue of police brutality, which many believe is unfairly affecting the African American population. Espy donated drinks and protective gear for the protest organizers. He wore a blue T shirt that said “Black votes count.” This shirt was from his 1986 campaign, when Espy (a Yazoo City native) became the first African American elected from Mississippi to the U.S. House. Espy hadn’t been on the Mississippi ballot since 1992 before he ran for Senate in 2018. He was secretary of agriculture for a part of Bill Clinton’s first presidential term. Espy was a lawyer based in Jackson before returning to politics in 2018. “The 2018 election was a surprise to the millennials. Espy stated that it was obvious when he declared he would challenge Hyde-Smith again. Although Espy may not have spoken directly to this younger generation, he stated that he believed he did so as he marched from the Governor’s Mansion up to the Capitol and back. Espy stated that Espy was inspired by the energy, love and enthusiasm of young people who led the protest. This makes him hopeful for the future state and country. Adams and other organizers encouraged attendees to vote, even though no politician spoke at this event. The event’s focus was on the November election. Several organizers marched among protesters carrying voter registration forms. Adams stated, “We must vote November, or nothing means anything,” drawing nods from Espy and Portia as well as others standing close to them. Espy invited Hyde Smith to join him at his protest. Although the incumbent senator didn’t respond, she did comment on the events that sparked the protests, including the death of George Floyd (a black man who was shot to death by a police officer), which took place in broad daylight on a Minneapolis street. Hyde-Smith stated in an earlier statement that “civil unrest following George Floyd’s tragic and senseless death in Minneapolis adds burdens to our country in these unsettling times.” Hyde-Smith stated that Americans have the right to protest police brutality and lawless violence. The violence and anarchy that is raging across the country does not overshadow or diminish peaceful protests and the ongoing struggle for equal justice and equal protection in the law. Espy continued, “The last few months have been difficult for our nation and we face many challenges ahead. Espy tweeted her criticism of Hyde-Smith after she did not attend Saturday’s protest. Espy wrote, “(Hyde Smith) said nothing about the protests.” “Her silence shows Mississippi she stands by her past comments supporting voter suppression and public hangings,” Espy wrote. Espy was referring specifically to Hyde Smith’s 2018 comments which caused national controversy. In which she only used a figure when she stated that she had such respect for a political backer that she would be “on the front row of a publicly hanging” if invited. Hyde-Smith suggested on the 2018 campaign trail that it might be a good idea to make it more difficult for people to vote. Although her campaign claimed that both comments were in jest and Espy was making them in good humor, national headlines brought Espy thousands of dollars in contributions. Several national corporations also asked Hyde Smith to return previous campaign contributions. Espy must attract more traditional Democratic voters than he did in 2018, and attract younger voters. Espy estimated that he received 18% of their support in 2018. Espy said that he attended the rally due to the “disproportionate” violence being directed at minorities by law enforcement officers on Saturday. Espy was asked if he’s ever been subject to such violence and he replied that he hadn’t, but that he was stopped by law enforcement officers for no good reason. Espy whispered one time to Mike. He was asking Mike if it was okay to tell him the story about Espy Jr. being arrested for using profanity at a 24-hour gym. This was when Espy, his friend, and two other people, one of whom was an off-duty police officer, were present. Espy Jr. was a former Mississippi football star who played in the National Football League. He encouraged his friend to lift weights when he used profanity. Espy Jr. said that he spent the night at Ridgeland City Jail. He seemed to be dismaying about the incident, which occurred in 2012. “It was important for me to march alongside my sons as a father to two young black men.”