/Chaney seeks fourth term; Amos hopes to make changes as insurance commissioner

Chaney seeks fourth term; Amos hopes to make changes as insurance commissioner

Although Chaney is the favourite, Amos stated that his campaign was “going better than expected.” He has visited between 40-45 of the state’s 85 counties to campaign. Amos, 46 years old, is a former teacher at the high school and higher education level. He also served as an administrator in insurance. In career technical school, he taught classes in science and classes that dealt with the insurance industry. Chaney was a member of the Legislature in many capacities, including chairing the Senate Education Committee. During his time in the Legislature, he was also a member of the Insurance Committee. He was a member of both the House as well as the Senate. He was one the six legislative negotiators that in 1997 reached an agreement on the Mississippi Adequate Education Program. This landmark legislation changed the funding of local school districts and was a major milestone at the time. Chaney was a farmer and business owner in his hometown of Vicksburg. Chaney, 75, said that his priorities in office were “consumer protection and the application of technology to improve the department’s efficiency to serve the state” to Mississippi Today. Amos stated that he was running to “stop the price gouging which has been going on for decades in Mississippi’s insurance industry.” He has also run for mayor of Jackson, and Hinds County supervisor. The Insurance commissioner oversees Mississippi’s Insurance Department, which has regulatory authority over all insurance companies. This office has some oversight over mobile home manufacturers. The insurance commissioner is also the chair of the state Fire Academy, and the fire marshal. Amos stated that if elected, “I hope I can approve reductions in insurance prices as well as provide insurance access for more than 300,000 Mississippians to protect lives and our rural hospitals.” Expanding Medicaid as allowed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act could allow the coverage of health care to the working poor. According to studies, as many as 300,000. Mississippians could be eligible for this program. To expand Medicaid, the Legislature must take action. Republican governor and state legislators are the Republicans in the state. Phil Bryant has opposed such an action. Beth Reiss spoke for the Insurance Department and said that Chaney believed Medicaid expansion was a gubernatorial issue. His only comment on expansion was that he thought it would be expensive to taxpayers. Under expansion, the federal government would cover 90 percent of the cost of providing health care for those who are eligible, while the state would take responsibility for the remaining 10 percent. The Mississippi Hospital Association proposed a plan to pay the state’s portion of the costs via assessments on its members and a minimal premium on those who are covered under the plan. Chaney stated that Reiss believes the proposal is “flawed.” Chaney said, “My goal is to provide the highest level of economic security, quality and safety for citizens at the cheapest possible cost. My office has returned over $3.5 million to consumers in claims since 2018. My office returned more than $3.5 million in claims to consumers in 2018. I want to keep giving Mississippians their hard-earned cash.” View our #MSElex Voter Guide for information on all candidates for statewide office.