/Clarksdale mayor pledges $10,000 for ‘drug dealers, gang members’ to get out of town

Clarksdale mayor pledges $10,000 for ‘drug dealers, gang members’ to get out of town

Espy said that he knows of people who are drug dealers or gang members or have problems controlling themselves. “I will put money on line to help these types of people move out of the City,” Espy said. There will be benchmarks that individuals will have to meet, and then city officials will assist them in finding leasing opportunities in other cities. Here is a link for the Facebook live video. It’s not that criminals should be allowed to move between cities. Espy said that they may not have the opportunities they need in this particular city. According to Mississippi Today, the measures were taken after residents expressed concern about the rise in crime and homicide rates last year. Six months later, Clarksdale Police Department did a one year assessment of the department. The department developed a plan of corrective actions to reduce crime. Espy added five additional points to the plan on Monday: intervention, rehabilitation, preservation of life, and assistance with moving. Sandra Williams, Chief of Police, was the first African American woman to hold the post. She also noted the steps the department took to protect its citizens. These included the hiring of additional officers and community police. Williams stated that if you are caught in the city committing a crime, we will send you to the criminal justice system. She said, “You will be punished until the end.” However, with summer approaching, she stated, “It is time for us to increase our efforts.” Rev. said that a class in etiquette for criminals will be offered to those who wish to remain and receive a second chance. John Givins is the city chaplain. Williams said that crime has decreased significantly since last year. She said that there has been only one homicide so far. The city had 12 homicides by November 2018. Clarksdale wants everyone to be safe. We don’t want any child to die on the streets. Espy stated that they don’t want innocent bystanders to be shot. “It doesn’t matter what we do, it doesn’t matter where we are. We just want to be proactive.”