/Cleveland community mourns the loss of student

Cleveland community mourns the loss of student

Police said that he died from an accidental gunshot wound on New Year’s Eve. He was 17 years old and was traveling in a vehicle with four other people. On Friday night at football field, his friends, teachers, and family held onto the red balloons to celebrate his life and mourn his passing. They wept as they held on to the balloons, and even more when they let go. His athleticism, work ethic, and general goodness were all talked about. His petite stature and his big heart. Larry is a man of many good qualities. His impact on many lives was immense. His many contributions made a difference in my life. Randy Grierson, principal of East Side High School, said that he couldn’t express his gratitude enough to his students. Tyler was a sophomore at East Side High School when he played football, baseball and ran track. It had to merge with Cleveland High because of a federal desegregation ordinance. With so much riding on the schools’ and town’s success uniting, Tyler, at 5’7″, ran back, scored the first touchdown in the history of Cleveland Central High School. Tyler was a standout player and the team achieved a record 12-1 season. Two communities that had always cheered for each other in town history were now united behind the team’s cause. This year, Cleveland has had to unify. Tyler was a key player in this, both through his life and his passing. Grierson stated, “The most important thing is that you look around and it doesn’t about East Side.” This is about a community coming together to celebrate a young boy. Although the circumstances are terrible, I want to thank everyone for their support. This is a difficult time for Larry. It’s going to be hard for us all to get through this. It will take us all to endure. It will take all of us to endure.