/Continental picks Rankin County firm for air permits contract

Continental picks Rankin County firm for air permits contract

The firm, which has recently opened a new manufacturing plant in western Hinds County’s Hinds County, announced today that FC & E Engineering LLC was awarded the contract to “provide comprehensive development of Continental’s Air Permit application including regulatory approval, air modeling, selection and use of air pollution control equipment, and expertise in all aspects environmental permitting and compliance.” State records show that Kenneth Faulkner founded the firm in 2004. Faulkner earned his bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees at Mississippi State University. Before starting FC & E Faulkner worked as an employee of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (Mississippi Chemical Corporation) and Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. In November, Faulkner and state officials broke ground on the industrial facility measuring 5.2 million square feet. A $600 million incentive package was approved by local and legislative leaders in early 2016. Continental reached a deal with Mississippi to create 2,500 jobs, paying an average salary of $40,000 annually. Continental had previously contracted with a Georgia-based firm to clear the site for construction._x000D