/Coronavirus outbreak leaves Legislature’s plans in limbo

Coronavirus outbreak leaves Legislature’s plans in limbo

The House clerk’s office will continue to be open for Gov. According to sources familiar with House operations, Tate Reeves signed or vetoed the dozens bills passed last week by the Legislature. Reeves met Gunn last week to sign the historic bill to alter the state flag and announced Monday that he was being tested. A spokesperson for the Senate confirmed that at least one member of its staff had tested positive for coronavirus. The Senate will be following the Health Department’s recommendations regarding COVID-19. Monday’s tests were provided by the Department of Health. People waited for over an hour in line of cars as they snaked through Capitol grounds to get tested. Monday was unclear as to when or how the Legislature would address the budget of the Department of Marine Research. This is a regulatory and law enforcement agency along the Gulf Coast. After funding all state governments for the new fiscal year which began July 1, except Marine Resources, the Legislature left Thursday. The $50 million that the agency receives for oil and gas drilling in Gulf of Mexico was the subject of a dispute. House leaders argued that the Legislature should exercise greater oversight over the funds. The Legislature was expected back in session late this week to discuss a budget for the agency. It is unclear what the plans are now. Reeves was critical of House leaders and said they wanted to take control of funds to use them for their own projects. He tweeted that the agency could provide basic services for a limited time without having to approve a budget for the new fiscal. He said that a temporary funding solution was possible to allow fishermen to fish safely. “Won’t last long – still need Legislature to do its job and pass a budget.”_x000D