/Counsel demands sealed documents in Hinds DA investigation

Counsel demands sealed documents in Hinds DA investigation

Waide files new motions in Hinds Circuit Court Court and Hinds County Court demanding documents be sealed. Smith claims Smith is insisting that the documents may be useful in his defense of criminal charges filed by the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office on June 22. Waide’s motion also states that Ridgeland attorney Amy Whitten acts as the special master in this case. Her past service as a substitute judge for Hinds Circuit Judge TomieGreen in other cases is similar. Six counts are filed against Smith alleging that Smith assisted criminal defendants. This is a violation state law. Leland McDivitt, an AG investigator, filed the charges in Hinds County Justice Court. Smith has not yet responded to the charges. However, his surrogates claim that he is innocent and was the victim of a witch hunt by the Attorney General’s Office. This includes Assistant Attorney General Stan Alexander who failed to defeat Smith in 2015’s bid to unseat him for a third term. Waide’s Wednesday motion states that Smith believes the sealed transcripts contain evidence favorable to him. Waide also filed notice that he was representing Smith. Waide requests sealed transcripts from an April 4 hearing regarding Smith’s Attorney General investigation, a June 21 hearing in which Smith-related subpoenas had been suppressed at the Attorney General’s request and an undated Whitten hearing concerning a Smith-related subpoena. Waide refused to comment publicly on Smith’s representation and referred any questions to the newly filed documents. Waide also filed a separate Hinds County Court filing asking for the Attorney General’s Office to “all discovery.” This is information gathered during the ongoing investigation. It also includes the names and addresses all state’s witnesses, written statements made by them, expert reports, and any substance of oral statements given by witnesses. Waide also requests that the Attorney General’s Office provide sealed court records regarding Smith, all correspondence and emails pertaining to Smith, and copies of any correspondence and emails with any Hinds County judge concerning Smith. To support this important work, make a regular donation to the Attorney General’s Office today.