/COVID-19 Data Day-of-death

COVID-19 Data Day-of-death

The state health department publishes new death reports every day. However, these reports may not be from the previous day. The chart shows the date of each death, in both long-term care settings as well as the general population, using day-of-death data that was reported by the state health department following COVID-19 deaths investigations. Long-term care residents were responsible for most COVID deaths in the state up to July, when they only accounted for one-third. Long-term care residents accounted for 43% of all deaths as of mid-August. The state conducted universal long-term facility testing on all residents and staff in May. This resulted in nearly 27,000 test results that were correlated with lower long-term cases throughout the state. Find out more about long-term cases. All of our interactive COVID-19 charts are available here. Follow our Twitter feed for the most recent COVID-19 news. Follow our complete coverage of Coronavirus in Mississippi here.