/Danger to community or flight risk Mother, others denied bail as hearings continue for workers detained by ICE

Danger to community or flight risk Mother, others denied bail as hearings continue for workers detained by ICE

Haga clic aqui para leer este articulo en espanol. Angelica Faviola Saratgonon, a Guatemalan mother-of-three, was the only one to stand before a federal judge on Thursday morning. Sarat-Gonon appeared in court after she turned herself in to immigration authorities in April, when she crossed the U.S.–Mexico border for the first time. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released Sarat-Gonon and her family with a notice to attend court next year. During raids on several Mississippi poultry farms in August, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents retried her. Sarat-Gonon was 29, and her brother, along with her niece, were in her car in the Koch Foods lot on the day of raids. David Boyd, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security agent, testified that Sarat-Gonon was hiding in her car with the windows rolled up and the doors locked. Boyd stated that Sarat-Gonon was not concerned about her niece. After nearly fainting, he said that the child needed medical attention. Boyd’s account was followed by the 29-year old, who, shackled, took the stand to speak through an interpreter. Her attorney requested that she testify without her handcuffs to allow her to speak with both hands. U.S. Magistrate Linda Anderson declined the request. Boyd’s claims were denied by the defendant, who claimed that she kept the child hydrated while keeping the windows open. Sarat-Gonon, who was only 7, explained that her parents had died when she was 7. After becoming pregnant young, she said that she was unable to go to school. She immediately surrendered to authorities in El Paso Texas, after she entered the U.S. With her three children aged 10, 5, and 4, she was released. She was then released with her three children, aged 10, 5 and 4. Prosecutors claimed that these violations were the reason ICE returned her to custody despite her request to appear in court. Sarat-Gonon denied that she knew enough English to verify her address. She was previously living in Morton, with her sister-in law and a friend. They are now looking after her children. Anderson claimed that she had not heard enough evidence to believe Sarat-Gonon would pose a flight threat despite the support of these two. Anderson was denied bail by the judge. Anderson refused bail to three other ex-Koch employees that morning because they posed a flight threat, a danger for their community or both. Julio Diaz Lopez, one of the defendants was called to testify. Julia Gaytan, his friend, stated that Diaz Lopez had helped her and her son who was disabled after her husband’s death from cancer. Diaz-Lopez would go with her to church, mowing her lawn and feeding her son. Anderson stated that Diaz-Lopez was not in danger and had strong community ties. However, there wasn’t enough evidence Gaytan could be Diaz-Lopez’s custodian so that he would show up at trial. Like other defendants Diaz-Lopez used a false identity to prove he was a flight risk. Hearings for workers detained by ICE in August lasted into Thursday afternoon and will continue at the ThadCochran United States Courthouse Friday morning. Nearly 700 people were arrested by ICE agents at Mississippi meat processing plants.