/Demario Davis speaks passionately about nation’s ills, accepts Brees’ apology

Demario Davis speaks passionately about nation’s ills, accepts Brees’ apology

Brees’ comments seemed to be a discrediting of fellow NFL players who took a knee during the performance of the national anthem in protest against police brutality. Brees’ statement, which was made amid protests against the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor by police in Kentucky and Georgia, was widely condemned. Davis, a native of Brandon, stated Wednesday morning that Drew and he had had a discussion about the matter. “I will keep what was spoken between us.” However, Davis immediately praised Brees for Wednesday’s public apology. Davis posted an Instagram message in which Brees stated that Tuesday’s remarks were “insensitive” and “totally missed the mark on the current situation we face as a nation.” Drew’s admission that he had missed the mark and that his comments were insensitive was a sign that he is going to listen to the black community and learn how he can help. That’s what America needs right now. This is a great example for America. This is what we need. This is true leadership. It’s about taking ownership. Davis and Brees are unquestionable leaders on and off the field for one of the NFL’s most successful teams. Davis assumed the role of the quarterback, leading the Saints’ pregame sideline cheers. Both are leaders in their respective communities. Brittany Brees, his wife and donor, has raised millions of dollars for New Orleans and Louisiana causes. Davis has been active in Louisiana and Mississippi for many causes. Davis has donated his time and money for causes such as the Mexican-U.S. border immigrant rights, Flint’s water crisis, Michigan, and his own crusade to end police brutality. Davis raised funds for St. Dominic Memorial Hospital in Jackson through the sale of his “Man of God” bandannas. His mother was a nurse there. Davis has stated many times that he will use the platform of being a pro football star on one the NFL’s most beloved teams to help make the world a better and more peaceful place. Two years ago, he posted on his Instagram that “I don’t care how much hate the world has, I will always choose to love”, Davis, 31 years old, spoke Wednesday from Nashville. He also owns a house in Brandon and divides his off-season between New Orleans, Nashville, and Brandon. He is married to his wife and they have three children. Davis spoke out in support of “the worldwide protest against racism and the systematic oppression of black people.” This is the time when we can’t make it right. This has been going on for over 400 years in America. It is time to speak out for black people and end racism that has been woven into our nation and state’s fabric. It will take everyone, regardless of our race, politics, or any other aspect, to do our part, one person at a time. We must fix the problems in Mississippi and across the country. We must look within ourselves. Davis continued, “Everyone of us.” It is a proud honor to represent Mississippi. Mississippi has been impacted by racism more than any other state. It will take everyone, doing their best to fix it.”