/Do Rebels have a chance against Bama Saturday History tells us they surely do

Do Rebels have a chance against Bama Saturday History tells us they surely do

The Rebels know that. Slim, yes. This is football. It bounces funny. It can sometimes be dropped by sure-handed players. In college football, almost every week is won by three-touchdown underdogs. This happens more often than you might think. The 21-point favorite wins 19 times out 20. However, not all the time. Sometimes, the favorite loses more passes or fumbles than the underdog to cause a dramatic upset. This happens when the underdog makes big plays in the kick game. It occurs when the favorite plays poorly while the underdog plays at a high level. It happens. There have been many surprises when it comes to Mississippi teams. There is no better example than the No. No. 1 ranked Alabama arrived at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, Nov. 1, 1980. Alabama was a 20-point favorite. Trust me, Ole Miss winning Saturday would not be surprising if it beat Bear Bryant’s Tide in Nov 1, 1980. Listen, Alabama had won 26 straight SEC games, 28 consecutive games and had defeated State 22 times in a row. The last time State had defeated Alabama, not one of the State players that day was alive. The final score is still the same, almost 38 years later: State 6, Bama The same State team was defeated at home by Southern Miss 42-14. The same Alabama team beat Southern Miss 42-7. For 60 minutes, State was still better than Alabama. It happens. It’s the only time that a Mississippi team has ever defeated the nation’s No. (Associated Press poll). It’s a safe bet that Ole Miss will stun Alabama on Saturday. Nick Saban’s Crimson Assassins won’t be able to stop this Rebel offense that is so loaded with offensive weapons. Ole Miss would still have to play an almost perfect game. Alabama would need to make mistakes. Alabama is the only state that makes fewer errors than any other under Saban. Alabama has a remarkable 50-3 record since 2014, excluding bowl games. Two of those three were to Ole Miss. Alabama was undefeated, and ranked No. 3, when Ole Miss defeated the Crimson Tide 23-17 in Oxford. Turnovers? Turnovers? What was the big play in kickoff? In the final moments of the game, Ole Miss made a rare Alabama fumble. The Rebels got it in and held on. Alabama was nine points ahead of Ole Miss in the race to take revenge when it traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Final score: Ole Miss, 43-37. This was a good example of how a weaker team can beat a strong favorite. Alabama turned the ball over five more times than Ole Miss. The Tide had only five turnovers, while the Rebels got 24 points. Alabama was ranked No. It was ranked No. 1 in Oxford two years ago, and it narrowly won with a victory of 48-43 after trailing 24-3 in the second half. This was a game Ole Miss should have won. Although the Rebels won, Alabama won the turnovers by 2-1. Alabama also scored on a pick-6 interception. When that happens, the underdogs won’t win. The No. The Alabama-Ole Miss match, which took place at Tuscaloosa last year, is a prime example of what happens when the No. Bama, which was a 28-point favorite, won 66-3. Ole Miss wasn’t in it. What is the prediction for Saturday? Alabama 45, Ole Miss 27, – If the ball bounces funny, Alabama becomes sloppy, and Ole Miss makes some plays in the kick game. It can happen, as we’ve seen in the past.