/Entergy announces 250 new jobs at Jackson nuclear center

Entergy announces 250 new jobs at Jackson nuclear center

These positions include engineers, project managers, training and maintenance, as well as engineering. Entergy Nuclear headquarters oversees the operation of nuclear plants in various states, including Arkansas, New York and Louisiana. Entergy’s Jackson presence includes a training center for all employees, a transmission control centre that employs 300 people and the company’s datacenter. Two other investments were also made by Entergy: a newly renovated distribution center in Jackson for $20 million, and plans to buy the Choctaw Generating plant in French Camp (a natural gas-fired energy plant in French Camp) for $314 millions. Gov. Phil Bryant praised Entergy’s investment. Entergy employs 2,000 people in Mississippi and serves 449,000 customers in 45 counties. Bryant stated that the world will see Mississippi differently now. They’ll recognize that these jobs aren’t low-paying and unskilled, but that there is advanced manufacturing ahead of them. Bryant stated that he hopes to see Mississippi have a nuclear power academy or power plant in the future to help train people for the industry. Entergy will create 70 jobs at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, Port Gibson, which is home to the nation’s largest nuclear reactor. At the headquarters, other state officials attended a news conference on Thursday, which included Speaker Philip Gunn, Sam Britton, and Brandon Presley, Public Service Commissioners. Presley stated that Entergy was the utility of the future. Presley stated that Entergy’s electricity prices were the lowest of any provider in the United States, and that it was the most affordable. Entergy’s expansion into the state follows a November announcement about a 1,000-acre solar farm being built in Sunflower County. Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article contained inaccurate information regarding Entergy’s nuclear power production. The national industry generates 30 percent of all world’s nuclear power.