/Espy believes Kamala Harris on Dem ticket boosts his Senate chances

Espy believes Kamala Harris on Dem ticket boosts his Senate chances

Espy declared that he is a Bison through-and-through about his alma mater’s mascot. Espy stated that Kamala is a friend and a good friend. But, more than that, she will be a good friend for the country. She will be strong, capable, and competent. He also mentions that Kamala is an alumnae of Howard, the historically Black university located in Washington, D.C. Espy, 66, and Harris (55), did not spend time at Howard, but their mutual alma mater played a part in their friendship over the past years. Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic nominee, chose Harris to be his vice presidential running-mate. Harris is aiming to be the first Indian American and Black vice-president in American history. Espy is also trying to be the first Black U.S. senator to be elected by popular vote. Espy believes that a Biden/Harris administration will benefit the country and will also help his Senate campaign. Espy was elected the first Black Mississippian to the U.S. House in 1886. He also stated that he believes that a Biden-Harris administration will help him win the November election. Also, he needs to increase his white share from 18% to 22% in 2018. Espy stated that Harris, the first Black woman elected to be a vice president nominee for a major party in Mississippi, is his choice. He said, “I was on Zoom during the (Harris vice-presidential) announcement.” “I gave her an electronic shout out. Right then, I told her to come to Mississippi. Although I can’t control it, I would like to see Harris, the first Black graduate, as the vice-presidential nominee for a major party at the Democratic National Convention. Espy stated that he met Harris, a U.S. Senator representing California, as he was getting ready to run for the 2018 special election to replace veteran U.S. Senator Thad Cochran who retired in 2018. Espy said that they talked about Howard University, and about his plans to run for the Senate. Harris was later a participant at fundraisers in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, for Espy, and she traveled to Mississippi in 2018 to support him. In 2018, Espy lost the 2018 special Senate election to Republican Cindy Hyde Smith, who was appointed in the interim to fill the position by the then-Gov. Phil Bryant won by 7 percentage points. This year, Espy will challenge incumbent Hyde Smith. Hyde-Smith, Espy and others have differing views on Harris. Hyde-Smith is a strong ally of President Donald Trump and posted on her social network account a campaign advertisement from Trump’s campaign in which Harris described himself as “the radical left” and called for “trillions in new taxes.” Espy claimed Harris and Stacey Abrams (former Georgia House Democratic Leader), were his personal favorites to share the ticket alongside Biden. Harris and Espy were both members of the Howard Liberal Arts Student Council. Espy said Howard was a life-changing experience for him, having grown up in Yazoo City at the Mississippi Delta’s edges. Mississippi Today reported that Espy was the “negro senior president” of Yazoo High School when he organized a walkout to protest the fact that no teachers from the Black high schools were being transferred to the all-white school. He claimed that white administrators reduced his grade point average because of his involvement in the boycott. Espy stated that he had excellent grades before the boycott. Howard awarded Espy a full scholarship based on his essay. Michele, his twin sister, was also awarded a full scholarship. Espy stated that Howard helped him prepare for his political career, which culminated with him becoming the first Black secretary to agriculture in the country in the early 1990s.