/Espy is a better candidate’ Stuart Stevens discusses Mississippi Senate race

Espy is a better candidate’ Stuart Stevens discusses Mississippi Senate race

Stuart Stevens is a Jackson native and a best-selling author. He has also been a long-time Republican political consultant and has been a key strategist for many presidential and congressional campaigns. His most recent book, “It was All a lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump” was published on August 4. It became an instant New York Times bestseller. Stevens suggested that Sen. Cindy Hyde Smith’s campaign strategy of riding Trump’s coattails for re-election could prove to be a losing tactic, even in red Mississippi given the current political climate. Stevens stated, “It’s an awful environment for any incumbent.” “… It works until it doesn’t. (Hyde Smith) is an accident candidate who didn’t have much support. She was not elected because of her campaigning hard or on an issue. As far as I know she has not been associated with any issue. Stevens stated that Mike Espy would not be lying if he said that he is in the business to get votes. Cindy Hyde-Smith is not in the business losing votes. “I would rather be in business of winning votes,” Stevens stated. He has a completely wrong view of the political moment. A typical white teenager in Mississippi would rather be a Black rapper star than Robert E. Lee. Stevens said, “We are witnessing a complete misreading cultural change.” It has to be, I believe it has to, look, if your country had the worst economic conditions in its history, with more Mississippians without work in August than any other time in its history, how would you feel about the incumbent?” Click here to go back to the expert opinions.