/Espy urges Mississippians to cash in on change in Cuba

Espy urges Mississippians to cash in on change in Cuba

Espy stated that those of you in telecommunications or agricultural commodities (or in paper processing) will need everything. Eleven million people with high educations need everything. We can only help them increase their disposable income. A $20 per month cell phone is not something you can afford. “We are going to get to do that.” Espy was a former secretary of U.S. Department of Agriculture, and a former U.S. Congressman from Mississippi’s 2nd District. He spoke at a community forum on Friday about the complex history between the U.S.A. and Cuba, and how they can forge a better business relationship. For about 25 people, he described his personal visits to Cuba and how they wanted to share the “global experience”. He also mentioned the benefits of having cell phones and internet cafes in the United States. Some Cubans now enjoy freedoms Americans have taken for granted such as the right to own property and more freedoms when traveling. Espy stated that these changes are changing Cuba’s business climate, with future generations being the beneficiaries. Espy stated that, just as young people in Miami don’t care about old ways, Cuban youth don’t care much about Castro’s old ways. Espy, who is now an attorney and counselor based in Jackson and an agricultural adviser, has visited Cuba numerous times as both a representative of U.S. Government and as a private citizen._x000D