/Fact check Democrat Baria’s claim about legislative budget under GOP leadership

Fact check Democrat Baria’s claim about legislative budget under GOP leadership

Baria stated that the operating budget for the Mississippi Legislature, which is controlled by Republicans, has increased from $18 million up to $24 millions — a 30% increase. “We disagree that this kind of increase in politicians, while at the same, we cut budgets to agencies that help everyday Mississippians. This figure was first published by the Mississippi Business Journal. It is based on reports that the state auditor’s Office compiled from the Legislature’s budget. According to the bottom line in the auditor’s audit, the Legislature spent $18.5million in 2011. The Legislature spent $24.1million in 2018. However, a closer look reveals that the 2011 audit did not include two large departments from the general fund budget of the Legislature: the Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Reviews (PEER), and the Legislative Budget Office. These expenses were included in the 2011 report. An examination of expenses and salaries for legislators shows that their compensation in 2018 was more than 2011. In 2011, lawmakers in the House of Representatives and Senate earned $11.4 million. This includes salary, state benefits, and travel expenses. 2018 saw lawmakers in the Senate and House take home $12.5million in compensation, $1.1 million more than in 2007. According to the analysis, the majority of the $1.1million increase in compensation over seven years was due to increases in fringe benefits. Over the same seven-year period, travel expenses increased but lodging and mileage rates rose. The 2018 Legislature budget includes $1.2 million more in legislative support staff and benefits than 2011. * $10,000 for in-session work
* $1,500 per month out-of-session
* $140 per day for every day they spend in Jackson
Mississippi Today fact-checked Gov. For context and accuracy, Phil Bryant’s 2019 State of the State address is available at Mississippi Today.