/Former AG Jim Hood joins national law firm, will work from Houston

Former AG Jim Hood joins national law firm, will work from Houston

It can now be updated to include Houston and Mississippi. Weisbrod Matteis & Copley in D.C., which has about 50 lawyers, recently announced that Jim Hood, former Mississippi Attorney General, will be joining the firm. Hood will continue to work out of Houston, his hometown in northeast Mississippi, just as he did during most of his four terms as Mississippi’s attorney general. Hood, Mississippi’s only statewide elected Democrat, admitted recently that his life would have been very different if he had defeated then-Lt. Governor. In the 2019 governor’s race, Tate Reeves was defeated. Reeves would have had to deal with the many crises that befell him early in his term. These included widespread violence in the state’s prisons, major indictments at the Department of Human Services for public corruption and the COVID-19 pandemic. Hood joked that he sometimes reads the headlines but not the stories. He said that he doesn’t regret anything and doesn’t dwell on the past. Hood said he is confident he can help victims in his new role, just like he was as AG. Hood stated that he expects the pandemic to lead to litigations regarding investment fraud and other malpractice. Hood indicated that he and his firm might be involved in these issues to represent those who may have been cheated. Hood’s critics argue that Hood is working for one of the many firms he had hired as outside counsel during his tenure as attorney general. Hood would argue that he is joining a company where he can pursue and make a difference. Hood said recently that he feels it is a good fit. The law firm pursues insurance company claims, as well as business claims after natural disasters. August Matteis was the chair of the firm and Hood met him during litigation against insurance companies following Hurricane Katrina. Hood stated that litigation around natural disasters is on the rise and will continue to be a significant part of his work. Hood stated that global warming is happening. While you can debate its causes, it is still happening. Hood stated that there are more floods, fires, and other disasters. He also said that more severe storms are occurring. Hood will continue working with state attorneys general to address various issues such as a lawsuit against Google for student-privacy and antitrust violations. Matteis stated that Jim’s exemplary career as a public servant has shown him a genuine concern about victims of injustice, which aligns with Weisbrod Matteis & Copley’s values and makes him an ideal choice. “Jim is a skilled legal strategist and trial attorney, but it is his heart that sets him apart.” Hood stated that Matteis met Matteis while he was representing the Rigsby sisters as State Farm Insurance adjusters. They later became whistleblowers. In the lawsuit over State Farm’s responsibility for payment after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005, they provided evidence against State Farm. In a lawsuit that reached the U.S. Supreme Court, the sisters won against State Farm. Hood stated that “During my time in office as attorney general, we hired a lot more excellent law firms than I did, but Weisbrod Matteis & Copley was the best of all.” Hood said that he has the highest respect for their work, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This move only underlines WMC’s commitment to the Gulf South.” Hood was accused by his political opponents of running a pay-to-play scheme that involved hiring outside counsel to handle major cases. Hood’s political campaign received significant contributions from these law firms that made millions on the cases. Hood stated that Hood hired the lawyers on a contingent basis, and they were only paid if they won. Hood said that they were hired to handle complex cases that his small team of lawyers was unable to handle without outside assistance. Hood stated that Hood has been busy cleaning out the Houston law office of his father since losing the election to become governor. Hood said that he now operates out of the office and plans on doing local work alongside his work for the national law firm.