/Gov Bryant appoints ex-staffer and ‘millennial’ Shad White as state auditor

Gov Bryant appoints ex-staffer and ‘millennial’ Shad White as state auditor

The governor stated that White is a millennial who returned from Oxford England, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He also earned a master’s in economics history. Bryant said that White’s decision to leave New York, where he could have made a lot more money, influenced him to return to Mississippi to serve the public. White worked previously for the governor, managing his 2015 reelection campaign. He was also currently the director of Mississippi’s conservative-leaning Mississippi Justice Institute, as well as the lead attorney for Mississippi Center for Public Policy. White is also a graduate of The University of Mississippi, and was appointed to the rankin county special prosecutor. Bryant stated that “Shad’s qualifications and abilities are unquestioned.” He has shown himself to be a champion for efficient and limited government that serves taxpayers. Bryant is the right person for this office and I am happy he accepted it.” Bryant announced the appointment Friday at Governor’s Mansion — the same place where Bryant was seated as the then-Gov in October 1996. Kirk Fordice appointed Bryant, a Rankin County state House member, to the auditor’s position. Bryant acknowledged that there was a symmetry. Bryant had previously run for office in 1996. White has never been elected to public office. White stated that his most successful campaign was in 2003 for Northeast Jones High School class favorite. White’s next campaign will be in 2019, for a full term of four years as auditor, one of eight statewide elected positions in Mississippi. “I am honored by the faith Gov. White, who hails from tiny Sandersville, where Bryant placed faith in him with this appointment, said White. His father is the mayor of Sandersville and was the one who taught him the value of public service. White said, “I look forward to being the watchdog for (taxpayers) hard-earned money. I have made a commitment to the governor, and I will make it clear to Mississippians that I will bring all of my energy and any talent God has given me to this task. “I will always tell the truth to you, even if it is difficult. White said he approached Governor Bill Clinton about the vacancy that was created by Pickering’s resignation to take over as executive director of Mississippi’s Veterans Affairs Board. White acknowledged that other experienced politicians were interested in the auditor position, but that he felt White was the best candidate for the job. Only four elected officials from the state have resigned since 1996 before their terms expired. Mississippi governors filled the vacant seats with other elected officials three times out of four. Bryant also defied convention by appointing Cindy Hyde Smith, Agriculture Commissioner, to the U.S. Senate in April to replace retiring Senator Thad Cochran. White is the youngest state officer in recent history. Ray Mabus was 35 when he was first elected to the position of auditor in 1983. Mike Moore was also 35 when he became attorney general in 1987. Dick Molpus was only 34 when he was elected secretary-of-state in 1983. To support this important work, you can make a regular donation to the Spring Member Drive today.