/Gov Tate Reeves adds 19 counties to mask mandate

Gov Tate Reeves adds 19 counties to mask mandate

Reeves was repeatedly asked about a statewide mandate for masks. He said that there isn’t a “one-size fits all” solution and that it was better to identify counties that have high cases than to enact a blanket order. Reeves stated that there is no single solution, no one thing we can do as states, and there are no things that leaders or state can do to make it go away. Reeves then compared Mississippi’s new case rate to that of other states, even those with statewide mandates. On Sunday, Mississippi was ranked 35th for daily new cases per head. The 19 new counties are Alcorn, Attala and Bolivar. They join the 22 already mandated. Reeves continues to refuse to implement a state mandate, despite being asked by a top state health official to do so. Reeves stated that four of the 41 counties covered by the mandate no longer meet the criteria, but he maintained them because the number of cases was still high. Reeves stated that a county must have more than 200 new cases in a two-week period. There also need to be 200 cases per 100,00 residents. This is equivalent to 500 cases per 100,000. Mississippi has now met both of these criteria for five consecutive days.