/Governor appoints new members to College Board

Governor appoints new members to College Board

Mississippi News Nonprofit Four new members were appointed by Gov. His office announced Friday that Phil Bryant had appointed four new members to the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning. Jeanne Luckey and Steven Cunningham will replace trustees Dr. Doug W. Rouse, Dr. Christy Pickering and Dr. Doug W. Rouse. Smith will be replaced by trustees Alan W. Perry, Christy Pickering, Dr. Doug W. Rouse and Board President C.D. The board’s 12 members represent eight districts in the state. Board members serve nine-year terms. Bryant stated that the College Board is the governing body for Mississippi’s public institutions of higher education. “I am grateful that these four highly qualified individuals have accepted this responsibility by accepting these positions.” Commissioner Glenn Boyce recently announced his intention of retiring at the end if the current fiscal year. Both Luckey and Cunningham will represent the Second Supreme Court District. Martin was appointed to the board by former Gov. Haley Barbour will represent the First Supreme Court District. Ogletree will represent the First Supreme Court District. Senate confirmation is required for all appointments. Once all the board members have been seated, a president will be chosen.