/Gunn to kill DMV reorganization plan pushed by secretary of state

Gunn to kill DMV reorganization plan pushed by secretary of state

This week’s plan was unveiled by Secretary of State Michael Watson. About a dozen House Republicans were present at the 11 a.m. press conference. Mississippi Today was informed by the staff of the Republican speaker that Gunn had not endorsed the proposal at 5 p.m. According to Emily Simmons, Gunn’s spokesperson, “While the Speaker is committed towards seeing improvements at the state’s drivers license bureaus,” he doesn’t support moving oversight over the services to the Secretary-of-State’s office. “He believes that the services can best be improved within the Department of Public Safety with the ultimate goal of making the process as efficient for Mississippians.” Watson is a Republican, a former state senator, and he focused his campaign on DMV reform. Gunn’s resistance to the proposal this Wednesday almost kills it at the House, where the speaker’s position frequently determines or breaks major pieces. Lt. Gov. The office of Delbert Hosemann did not respond Tuesday to a request for comment. Long wait times and long lines have plagued the state’s driver license offices for months. Many close without notice because of a shortage in staff. Mississippians have reported having to wait for simple services all day or returning to the bureaus at 5 p.m. Department of Public Safety officials have long requested additional funding from the Legislature to improve DMV service. According to department officials, 48 of the 134 driver’s licence examiner positions were unfilled last year. Watson’s proposal, which is quite ambitious, would establish a renewal notification system and a digital option for driver’s license examinations. It also includes a new website, a new website, and an increase in kiosk locations and their functions. He also proposed to outsource written and driving tests. This would make it easier to register Mississippi drivers to vote, a federal mandate that many states have failed to comply with in recent years. Watson’s Tuesday announcement was attended by about a dozen Republican House Members. Watson stated that his proposal would be sponsored by Sen. David Parker (R-Olive Branch) and Rep. Lee Yancey (R-Brandon). Watson stated Tuesday that the bill’s drafting was still not complete. The February 17th deadline for general bills is upon lawmakers.