/Heart Society’s message of empowerment is loud enough to ‘Wake the Queens’

Heart Society’s message of empowerment is loud enough to ‘Wake the Queens’

The Eichelberger’s camper, “The Tiny Musical House,” which is not being pulled anywhere across the country, is parked in front Teneia and her parents’ Jackson home. Teneia describes selling their possessions and confining their lives in such a small area as an example of taking risks and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Their breakthrough collaboration with Go Daddy, a web hosting company, is another. Go Daddy selected the Eichelbergers as the first musical act for a Facebook Livestream event. They are performing together under the name Heart Society. The Eichelbergers will perform songs from Wake the Queens and talk about their musical journey. Viewers can also watch the Eichelbergers speak about their music. Mary Margaret White, Next Stop Mississippi and Mississippi Today host the event. It was set to live on Go Daddy’s Facebook page on Friday. Teneia hopes that the livestream will spread Heart Society’s message to untapped audience members. She said, “We are always looking for opportunities to partner up with somebody and create something new and bring together our brands and communities.” Heart Society released their third studio album Wake the Queens in response to the current political and social climate. It was released in February 2018. Ben answered confidently and without hesitation when asked about social media’s impact on provoking conversations on controversial topics such as racial equality and gender equality. He said, “Wake the Queens is the name of the album and it’s about female empowerment.” “It’s about empowerment of females and being unapologetically amazing and unapologetically authentically who you are.” Teneia shared her hopes and fears for the album’s success before its release. She said that music has been an integral part of her self-expression throughout her entire life. These songs are the best way for me to share my thoughts with the world and encourage other women to be strong. This album is a must-have for women all over the world. The Eichelbergers view music as a “time stamp,” marking their lives and interpreting social constructs as well as monumental moments in popular culture like the “me too” movement. The message they want to convey determines the nature of each album or song. According to Google trends the top-ranked search term for “best female empowerment songs is” is “female empowerment songs.” The phrase “best female empowerment songs” is the No. 1 query worldwide and in the U.S. What is the best way to inspire a song creation from a push for social justice? The production of Wake the Queens may provide the answer. Ben explained that the album was intended to empower people. He said that we wanted it to sound more aggressive and have more sounds that grab your attention. Loud, distorted guitars can sound like screaming or shouting. It’s the ‘ahh!’ energy of “Hey, we’re here.” “Listen to me.” The Eichelbergers believe there is a time, place, and tone for every situation. Do you need to shout to attract attention? No,” Teneia said. Teneia said, “But there is a time when you have to stand up and speak up. You need to be loud and bold about your beliefs. This is how we can achieve change. It takes a lot of effort to make your voice heard. Ben stated that the common element of our music is and will always be a strong rhythm. “Me coming from punk rock, and her coming from soul- and gospel, the common element of our music is this blues-based groove element. Teneia Sanders was Teneia’s first album. Teneia continued to record music professionally after that. Ben was originally pursuing a career in Arizona as a pilot, but he didn’t take music seriously until he met Teneia. Teneia shares her memories of how they met. #SneakPeek I wanted to share some of my interview moments with you! Meet Teneia Sanders Eichelberger and Ben Eichelberger from @werearthsociety. How they met: pic.twitter.com/u8iZgIgrZ7 — Sereena Henderson (@SereenaOnSocial) April 20, 2018 On the night of her 30th birthday party, Teneia ignited the romantic spark in their long-time platonic relationship. Who was the first to make a move? ? pic.twitter.com/PxWVTMrXf6 — Sereena Henderson (@SereenaOnSocial) April 20, 2018 Once they began dating in the spring of 2013, Teneia and Ben were eager to produce a harmonious blend of their separate sounds. “We both love music,” Teneia said. “That was a major part of our relationship – playing different music together, connecting with other bands, and going to live performances. That was always our plan – to merge what we were doing.” The Eichelbergs travel a lot, but they never leave Mississippi. Mississippi is a place Ben, an Iowa native, can appreciate and call home. Q: You all travel the country and perform in other states, but you always return to Mississippi. What is the reason for this? @werheartsociety : pic.twitter.com/FR8LiBEEeA — Sereena Henderson (@SereenaOnSocial) April 20, 2018 For more information on the Heart Society visit heartsocietymusic.com.