/Hinds County district attorney arrested

Hinds County district attorney arrested

Hinds County Circuit Court received an affidavit filed by the Attorney General’s Office citing six instances where Smith improperly gave information to or spoke with defendants regarding charges against them. The clerk’s office stated that Smith was not allowed to answer the circuit court charges immediately. Chokwe Antar Lumumba (son of the late Jackson Mayor Chockwelumumba) called the allegations “a last-ditch attempt to commandeer the votes.” Smith won his second re-election campaign in 2015. Lumumba, who is a candidate for mayor, and an attorney, stated that he was eagerly waiting to hear his side. Lumumba claimed he was not representing Smith. Five of the six charges in the affidavit involve Christopher Butler. He was facing wire fraud, embezzlement, and possession of controlled substances. Darnell Turner is charged with aggravated attack and domestic violence. According to the affidavit, these conversations occurred at different times and locations between January and June this year. The affidavit states that Smith spoke to Butler’s family on January 14th and June 20th. He referred to Butler as his client and said he would help him get a defense lawyer. Butler was released after he worked with a lawyer. According to court documents, Smith represented Butler while he was in private law. Butler is currently in Hinds County Jail. According to the Hinds County jail web site, he is being held on fraud, false pretense, and embezzlement charges. Another count refers to attorney Sanford Knott who represented Butler and states that Knott was sent a letter by Smith instructing him on how to attack the state’s ongoing case against Butler. Knott said that Smith’s arrest was “a complete surprise.” He also stated that he had not participated in any investigation that dealt with the subject matter. Knott stated that he had only two brief conversations about Smith’s cases with state investigators, but he didn’t expect to see his name in the affidavit accusing Smith. He said that he didn’t expect the allegations contained in today’s affidavit. Smith is also accused of illegally advising Turner. He is accused of delivering previously sealed information regarding conversations between prosecutors and court to Jackson attorney Dennis Sweet III. Sweet has not replied to requests for comment. Lumumba was joined at the news conference by representatives of local political groups. Smith’s staff prepared remarks. Akil Bakari, a Coalition for Equal Justice member, read a statement calling Smith’s arrest “improper” and “illegal” by certain state officials. He claimed that the legal allegations against Smith are false. Lumumba stated that Attorney General Jim Hood “campaigned to Robert” and could not take the seat from Robert so Hood “designed an attack scheme on him.” Smith could be expelled from office as district attorney if he is found guilty. He will also be banned from holding any other state government position and may face a $500 fine. Smith was elected Hinds County District attorney in 2008, and he was re-elected in 2011, and 2015. Smith, who is a Jackson native, was elected Hinds County District Attorney in January 2008. He was re-elected in 2011 and 2015. He graduated from Saint Louis University School of Law, Missouri in 1996 and was admitted to Mississppi Bar in September 1996. To support this important work, you can make a regular donation to the Spring Member Drive today.