/Hyde-Smith, indebted to Trump and facing re-election, pledges POTUS her unwavering support

Hyde-Smith, indebted to Trump and facing re-election, pledges POTUS her unwavering support

Just hours before the 2018 special Senate runoff, Trump made two stops to support Hyde-Smith. He did this to help the appointed senator who was in the midst of controversy after he lost to Democratic heavyweight Mike Espy in the runoff election. Trump stated in Tupelo that Cindy was so important and so respected. “If we win tomorrow (Republicans) will be at 53–47.” Hyde Smith won the runoff election in large part due to Trump’s endorsement and became the Senate’s fifty-third Republican. Allies are vital as key votes in Hyde-Smith’s trial, including the decision to call witnesses, are expected. Hyde-Smith, now more than a year after the incident, is feeling empowered by the hyper-partisan moment. She is now working hard to repay the man who gave her her place in Washington. This week, the Senate heard arguments from the Democratic-led House that voted in December to impeach him. Hyde-Smith is now a Republican senator, after a year of being surrounded by reporters and vulnerable to making public gaffes. On Jan. 22, Hyde-Smith tweeted, “As the impeachment proceedings begin, I will fight for President Trump,” on the second day of Senate impeachment hearings. Seven House Democrats are arguing to the Senate why President Trump should be removed, but the majority of members remain loyal to their party lines. Hyde-Smith supports Trump on social media. She refers to the impeachment trial in court as a sham, a hoax and dismisses the notion of impartiality. Mississippi Today repeatedly reached out to Hyde Smith asking for an interview on the impeachment. Her office declined. As Hyde-Smith was heading to the Senate chamber, a Mississippi Today reporter inquired if House impeachment management could speak in her favor. She replied, “No comment, thank-you.” The first time Hyde-Smith was appointed to this position was by the then-Gov. Phil Bryant was appointed to the position in April 2018 by then-Gov. He replaced Sen. Thad Cchran who had to resign due to health reasons. Seven months later, she won the election against Espy. But this year she will be vying for a full six year term. In January, she announced her candidacy at a press conference held at the Mississippi Republican Party headquarters downtown Jackson. Senator Roger Wicker, Hyde Smith’s congressional colleague, endorsed her candidacy and affirmed party unity at the event by telling the crowd, “We are teammates.” Hyde Smith faces re-election later in the year and experts expect another battle with Espy. Hyde-Smith will not face a primary opponent in March. However, Espy will be facing two lesser-known Democratic opponents, Jensen Bohren and Tobey Bartee. Espy has been active fundraising for Hyde-Smith’s position on impeachment. Espy stated in a Jan. 9 statement that he was qualified to run for the presidency. “Sadly, Senator Hyde Smith has only served a brief time in office and she has proven us who she really is. We should trust her.” She seems to be only interested in following her party leaders’ orders.” However, Trump still enjoying high approval ratings in the state and Hyde-Smith recalling Trump’s direct involvement in her 2018 campaign, Hyde Smith’s loyalty could have high political upsides later in the year. Hyde-Smith stated, “I think that you can see I am ready for the campaign.” To support this work, you can make a regular donation to us today as part of the Spring Member Drive.