/Hyde-Smith kicks off 2020 campaign with show of force

Hyde-Smith kicks off 2020 campaign with show of force

“I am so pleased to serve alongside Cindy Hyde Smith,” said Mississippi’s senior U.S. Senator Roger Wicker of Tupelo. He introduced multiple state officials at this event, ranging from former Governors to most of Mississippi’s elected officials. Haley Barbour. Wicker spoke of Hyde Smith, saying, “We’re teammates.” Two prominent Republicans were absent from the event: outgoing Gov. Phil Bryant, Gov.-elect Tate Reeves and the current lieutenant governor. Wicker stated that Bryant had taken his family on a “quick little trip out of the state for a weekend.” However, Wicker read Bryant’s statement, which said, “I am extremely thankful Sen. Cindy Hyde Smith has chosen to run for re-election.” She is a driving force in her home state of Mississippi, and a leader who is loved and respected by everyone who knows her, even President Donald J. Trump. Her Christian upbringing and conservative values reflect her rural upbringing. “Take that, you city folk” In other words, she is one of all of us. I will work with all of my determination to help Mississippi’s first female senator serve in Congress, and my friend, Senator Cindy Hyde Smith.” Hyde Smith, who was appointed in April 2018 to the position by Bryant after then-Sen. Thad Cochran retired due to health reasons, was challenged by Republican state Sen. Chris McDaniel, in a special election to end Cochran’s term. The Republican establishment in the state sent a clear message to Hyde-Smith on Friday that they would support her if she was challenged in a primary. She said, “I think you can see that I am prepared for this campaign.” Democrat Mike Espy is the first African American U.S. House Member since Reconstruction. He lost to Hyde Smith in the 2018 special elections. Espy has already announced that he will be challenging Hyde Smith again in 2020 for the full six year term. Although Espy is a Jackson lawyer, he had not yet officially been qualified to run for the office. However, he was active on social media in preparation for the race. Candidates can run for the Senate and four congressional seats until January 10. The party primaries will take place on March 10, with the regular election scheduled for November. Both Wicker and Hyde-Smith touted the number of federal judges nominated by President Trump and confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate as key accomplishments of recent years. She stated that the conservative judges will have an impact on the next two generations. They also praised the strong economy. Hyde-Smith also highlighted her relationship with President Trump. Hyde-Smith was sometimes criticized for being timid while on the campaign trail in the 2018 special election. She is a former state senator. On Friday, Hyde Smith gave a passionate speech, highlighting many of her same issues as President Trump, including building a wall along the Mexican border and gun rights. She referred to the fact that she moved to block a vote on the Senate’s floor on a bill which would have increased background checks prior to purchasing a gun. Her efforts were criticized by liberals. Hyde-Smith was able to get national media attention as she made the motion while California was reeling from a mass shooting. Hyde-Smith acknowledged that the job and the criticism associated with serving as a senator can be challenging. She said, “This is not an effortless task.” “It is not an easy task, as I have stated many times, but I am prepared for a JO-B.”_x000D