/Jackson Public Schools to resume in-person classes and sports in January

Jackson Public Schools to resume in-person classes and sports in January

Mississippi News Jackson Public Schools District, a non-profit organization, announced that it will resume in-person learning next year. It had been operating completely online during the fall semester. The high school basketball and soccer teams will return to action in December. Middle school sports will return in January. According to Friday’s email to employees, school will resume on January 5, but students can return to school on Jan. 19, after a “self quarantine period” that follows the holidays. Elementary school students will be allowed to return to school five times a week. Middle and high school students will have the option of attending a hybrid program. The document said that social distancing will be implemented and “enhanced cleanliness” will be in place. Superintendent Errick Greene stated several reasons why he made the decision to include the students’ emotional and social needs. In a letter addressed to employees and parents, he said that these needs are “great” and it was difficult to provide support for them virtually. He also mentioned recent news about a COVID-19 vaccination and stated that the district had learned from other schools that ran in-person schools during the pandemic. The district stated that all plans are subject to change and that the proposed transition must be approved at the school board’s meeting on December 1.