/Jeff Vitter out as Ole Miss chancellor, will return to teaching

Jeff Vitter out as Ole Miss chancellor, will return to teaching

Nonprofit Mississippi News Jeffrey S. Vitter, who was elected chancellor of University of Mississippi in January, will not be returning to the faculty. According to the state college board, Vitter will not continue to serve as chancellor. Shane Hooper is the president of the board, also known as the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning. Hooper stated that Vitter “made substantial contributions” to the University of Mississippi over his three-year tenure as chancellor. Vitter’s achievements are highlighted in the release, which includes overseeing academic improvements and expanding campus. Officials said that a temporary chancellor will soon be chosen. Since Vitter’s contract was not extended, speculation has swirled about Vitter’s future at the school. Vitter led a university in which academics and athletics are often treated equally by political allies and powerful donors. Vitter was inaugurated as the new president of Ole Miss on Jan. 1, 2016. This was his first day in office. His hometown was thronged with raucous fans who celebrated more than just a football game. After years of record-setting enrollment growth, fundraising records and higher academic prestige, Vitter seemed certain that good times would continue. Three years later, the university is struggling to attract students from minority communities, is experiencing declining private donations, and its football program is under severe NCAA sanctions. Vitter is proud of the accomplishments during his tenure. Vitter said, “Being the flagship university does not mean that you are a prestigious institution. It is an honor and a responsibility to improve the lives of people, communities, the world, and all the rest.” In a release, he stated that he was pleased with the growth in our impact, stature and commitment over the past three-years. We are more academically strong, have more support for private giving and research funding, as well as engaging more actively with the world around. We are also a diverse community that is more committed to civility and inclusion.