/Live updates Black Lives Matter protest in Jackson

Live updates Black Lives Matter protest in Jackson

At 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, the Governor’s Mansion was host to the Black Lives Matter Mississippi protest. The protest, which would become one of the most significant in Mississippi’s history, started at the Governor’s Mansion on Saturday afternoon. It then moved a few blocks north towards the Mississippi State Capitol. Protesters were expected to return to the mansion. This protest, like many others in the country, comes in the wake the Minnesota police shooting of George Floyd. Millions of Americans protest police brutality, inequities and injustices in the criminal justice system. This week, Jackson organizers released a list that included the removal of Confederate symbols and memorabilia and the reopening of the Ricky Ball case. They also demanded that the state’s prison population be decreased and that public health be considered in any decisions regarding schools returning to school in the fall due to the coronavirus. You can view the complete list here. Mississippi Today will keep this post updated throughout the day. Follow the Editor-in-Chief Adam Ganucheau and Kayleigh Skinner, Deputy Managing Editor, and Eric Shelton, photojournalist, as they are on the ground during protest. In preparation for the Black Lives Matter protest on Saturday, June 6, 2020, the Mississippi state trooper K-9 unit searches Jackson. @MSTODAYnews pic.twitter.com/Ii50b1Wizh — Eric J. Shelton (@EricJShelton) June 6, 2020 The Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Jackson starts at 3 pm in front of the governor’s mansion. The organizers expect 300-500 people. There’s already a good crowd. pic.twitter.com/sLdVUTjuAP — Kayleigh Skinner (@KayAnneSkinner) June 6, 2020 Protesters prepare for the #BlackLivesMattters protest in downtown Jackson, Miss. @MSTODAYnews pic.twitter.com/dgXJX3MeXZ — Eric J. Shelton (@EricJShelton) June 6, 2020 Early scenes of the #BlackLivesMatter protest in downtown Jackson. Saturday, June 6, 2020. @MSTODAYnews pic.twitter.com/lBl8pz19S2 — Eric J. Shelton (@EricJShelton) June 6, 2020 Starting to get crowded pic.twitter.com/rAcWMncF1w — Kayleigh Skinner (@KayAnneSkinner) June 6, 2020 About to start, the streets are packed. Although I’m not a good estimator, I would estimate that there are 300-500 people in the area. pic.twitter.com/u0osSBX7fq — Kayleigh Skinner (@KayAnneSkinner) June 6, 2020 Starting by chanting “no justice, no peace.”@jarriusadams shares protocols with the crowd, and now everyone is singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” pic.twitter.com/zKs5USAJBO — Kayleigh Skinner (@KayAnneSkinner) June 6, 2020 Here’s a crowd shot from both sides of the block. Although I won’t attempt to guess a figure, it is wayyyy higher than the 500 predicted by organizers. pic.twitter.com/PwKIGCMCal — Adam Ganucheau (@GanucheauAdam) June 6, 2020 “When Mississippi moves, America moves,” a speaker just said from the stage. The crowd was wild. The crowd went wild with the “Black lives matter!” chant. pic.twitter.com/ovbU0HSxN4 — Adam Ganucheau (@GanucheauAdam) June 6, 2020 Maisie Brown speaks during the #BlackLivesMatter protest in Jackson @MSTODAYnews pic.twitter.com/XD2ntFELqo — Eric J. Shelton (@EricJShelton) June 6, 2020 Protesters have begun marching toward the Mississippi State Capitol. At least 2,000 people are present. There has never been a Mississippi protest as large. pic.twitter.com/PNEMrFqdWT — Adam Ganucheau (@GanucheauAdam) June 6, 2020 Marched by the Capitol and now headed back toward Governor’s Mansion. pic.twitter.com/3k0CTznL7u — Adam Ganucheau (@GanucheauAdam) June 6, 2020 The crowd is in a moment of silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the amount of time George Floyd was on the ground with a police officer’s knee on his neck. pic.twitter.com/w1LHp4aR0W — Kayleigh Skinner (@KayAnneSkinner) June 6, 2020 Now the organizers are outlining their list of demands and calls to action: pic.twitter.com/DMPcRP6Tkp — Kayleigh Skinner (@KayAnneSkinner) June 6, 2020 Protesters dance to the music after the peaceful #BlackLivesMattters protest in Jackson pic.twitter.com/yQCx39pklQ — Eric J. Shelton (@EricJShelton) June 6, 2020 Support this work and start a recurring donation today in celebration of our Spring Member Drive to help us continue important work like this story.