/Lynn Fitch, state treasurer, officially declares attorney general bid

Lynn Fitch, state treasurer, officially declares attorney general bid

Lynn Fitch (Republican Treasurer) announced her candidacy for attorney general in the Capitol with her two children and grandsons. Holly Springs native Fitch has been the state treasurer since 2012. She began her legal career as a special assistant to the attorney general 34 years back in the attorney general’s office. Fitch served as the executive director of Mississippi State Personnel Board. She also worked in private practice, and was the deputy executive director of Mississippi Department of Employment Security. During her announcement, Fitch stated that she was fully prepared to serve as your attorney General because of her broad experience in law, finance and policy. The office launched programs to increase enrollment in college savings plans and access to them, as well as reducing the state’s debt. It also hosted events across the state to return property that was not claimed to Mississippians. Fitch is Fitch’s second term as state treasurer. Evelyn Gandy, the first woman elected to a state treasurer position in 1959 was Evelyn Gandy. Fitch has been a strong advocate for equal pay legislation in the past and spoke out about closing the wage gap between men and women for the same job. Fitch’s priorities are similar to those of Jim Hood, the current Attorney General. He is the only Democrat elected in a statewide office. These include building and working with law enforcement, helping victims of crime and supporting victims of human trafficking. Fitch stated that she would also support the second amendment in her capacity as attorney general. She stated, “As a gun owner and NRA member, I will defend the rights to our Second Amendment rights.” The state’s attorney general protects it from lawsuits. Recent cases include controversial legislation like a “religious freedom bill” and a ban on abortion for 15 weeks. Fitch stated that if elected she would “defend state laws as they exist.” Fitch said that she is open to private contract lawyers, something Hood has been criticised for. She stated that if you have great lawyers in your firm, then you would use them as your first base. It’s easier and more effective. “But, as with all law firms, you’ll have times when you don’t possess all the subject-matter specialists in your firm so it will be necessary to seek out outside counsel to hire some of them at the right time.” Fitch announced his bid for attorney general in May 2018. In May 2018, he announced his candidacy for attorney general.