/Mabus Trump snubbed commanders, ‘took military advice from Fox News’ in Navy SEAL case

Mabus Trump snubbed commanders, ‘took military advice from Fox News’ in Navy SEAL case

Trump sent a tweet last week directing the Pentagon to not remove a Navy SEAL involved in a high-profile case for war crimes. Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher was convicted of taking photographs with the body a teenager Islamic State captive held in American custody. Top Navy officials wanted to expel him. Mabus said Monday that the president had inappropriately entered into this process. Mabus spoke from Washington on Monday afternoon. He also criticized the public positions of several military advisors who tried to persuade the president to let the Navy’s disciplinary proceedings proceed. Trump’s Secretary for Defense Mark Esper fired Richard Spencer (the Secretary of Navy who had resisted President Trump’s attempts to stop the hearing process). Officials announced that Gallagher’s case had been closed by Monday and that no further hearings nor disciplinary actions would be held. Mabus said that Gallagher had “undermined military justice” and disregarded those who had served honorably. Mabus said, “But the main issue is a president keeping military service from imposing accountability and seeking justice, and deciding who qualifies for that service.” Mabus served eight years as President Barack Obama’s Navy secretary. He ignored the advice of his military commanders, and took military advice form Fox News. It’s very frightening.” Spencer acknowledged his termination in Monday letter. He said that the president deserved a Navy Secretary “who aligns with his vision” and praised “good order and discipline”, a core tenet U.S. military culture. Spencer wrote, “Unfortunately, it has been apparent that in this regard, I no longer have the same understanding as the Commander in Chief who appointed my,” “In regard to the key principle in good order and discipline I cannot in good conscience follow an order that violates the sacred Oath that I took in front of my family, flag and faith to defend and support the Constitution of the United States,” Spencer wrote. Mabus stated that the president’s intervention was “terrible precedent.” The Navy is extremely protective. It’s important to have a process for looking at it. Not one that is politically correct, but one that is orderly and disciplined. Mabus, a native of Ackerman, was elected Mississippi state auditor in his first term. After his time at the Governor’s Mansion he was appointed ambassador to Saudi Arabia by former President Bill Clinton.