/Mannings add $1M in support for Batson Children’s Hospital

Mannings add $1M in support for Batson Children’s Hospital

The Mannings are parents to three young daughters and have pledged $1 million to the Children’s of Mississippi 100 million capital campaign. The campaign will fund the expansion and modernization of Batson Children’s Hospital’s neonatal intensive car unit, as well as the creation of more pediatric ICU and surgical suites. It also creates an imaging department for children. It also expands the outpatient clinic to make it easier for families and provide a centralised and more convenient care. Batson is the only state-owned medical facility that focuses exclusively on the treatment and care of children and adolescents. It is not a new gesture to support the hospital by the Mannings. Eli Manning, a New York Giants quarterback who is also a two-time Super Bowl champion, has raised more than $2.5million in partnership with Friends of Children’s Hospital. This money was used to open Eli Manning Children’s Clinics at Batson Children’s Hospital. Eli Manning stated in a press release that Abby and I are parents to three beautiful daughters. “We know that your health is everything. We want all families to be able to get the best care possible for their children. Archie Manning, Thursday morning, recalled exactly the moment when his youngest son chose Batson to be the center of his philanthropy. Archie Manning, a New Orleans resident, said that Eli had just left Ole Miss after signing his NFL contract. We were speaking and he mentioned to me that he wanted to do something to help the people of Mississippi. He went to Batson that afternoon, I believe. He called me and said that this was it. Archie Manning said, “This is what I want. If Eli and Abby could, everyone would visit a children’s hospital.” You should go home and hug your children and grandchildren when you visit a children’s hospital. Batson receives an average of 9,000 children each year, and its emergency room sees nearly 80,000 children annually. All 82 Mississippi counties have patients who come from all over the state to receive comprehensive medical treatment for common childhood diseases, life-threatening and chronic conditions, as well as traumas. The New York Observer named Eli Manning one of the “Top 20 Philanthropists Under 40” and he was a finalist in the Walter Payton NFL Man of the year award 2015. This article, “The Autograph”, he wrote about his devotion to Batson Children’s Hospital’s Hospital and his philanthropic efforts. It tells the story of his meeting with a young man battling cancer at Batson Children’s Hospital. They will lend their names and faces for publicity and will also serve as honorary chairs on the campaign’s fundraising committee. Archie Manning stated, “I just recall how touched Eli and Abby were — that’s us all really — when they started to receive letters from parents and grandparents of Batson patients,” Archie Manning added. “Not only that. “They heard from doctors about how much the working environment had improved since the new clinics.” **** A visit to the neonatal unit at Batson Children’s Hospital was made seven months ago. *** Donations can be sent to Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children at 2500 North State Street Jackson, MS 39216