/Meet Mattress Mack, the Mississippi native who is betting huge on the World Series

Meet Mattress Mack, the Mississippi native who is betting huge on the World Series

There is a strong Mississippi connection to Mattress Mack. There are many. McIngvale, it turns out, is a Starkville resident. His father was a Mississippi State football player on one of the school’s most successful teams. It turns out that Mattress Mack placed many of his recent wagers at Mississippi casinos. First, the good news: McIngvale placed over $12 million in wagers at Mississippi casinos on the Houston Astros winning the World Series. He also placed a $3.5 million wager on the Houston Astros to win the World Series. This was the largest Mississippi sportsbook bet in history. It was placed at the DraftKings Sports Book in Scarlet Pearl Casino in D’Iberville on Oct. 1, when the Astros were not yet playing in the American League playoffs. He will be awarded $7.7 million if the Astros win the Series. Since then, he has placed two additional $1 million bets against the Astros at Scarlet Pearl. He will win $22 million if they win the Series. This includes more than $9 million at Scarlet Pearl. Before we get to Mississippi wagers, let’s look at the Starkville background, which was largely provided by Jack Cook, Jr., Mattress Mack’s cousin from Starkville. My daddy, named Teaberry, is Jim McIngvale’s dad, George Critz McIngvale. Cook stated that he was born in Starkville and played football at Mississippi State. He also bled maroon all his life.” George McIngvale, a senior at Starkville High, was voted “Best Athlete”, by his senior class. Later, he was a member of the famed Mississippi State Orange Bowl team that finished 10-0-1. He was also a basketball player and a track runner for the Bulldogs. When Jim (Mattress Mack), was just a boy, George “Teaberry” McIngvale relocated his family to Dallas, which included six children. The McIngvale kids went their separate ways from Dallas. Jim went back to Starkville and Mississippi State to play football in the 1970s. Jack Cook, Jr. stated that Jim was not a large man and that he didn’t play much football. He went back to Texas to study. Jim McIngvale later moved to Houston to start Gallery Furniture. Gallery Furniture has grown to a business that generates $200 million per year. He is a true character. He is also a giver. He is frequently featured in the media. Cook stated that Jim has done many things similar to this. He opened his stores to people who lost their homes in the floods and storms a couple of years back. McIngvale has made a lot of money, but he was always a goodhearted businessman. A lot of the money he will win if the Astros win Series will go to fund a store promotion offering free furniture to customers if they win the World Series. Gretchen Botha, a Mississippi native who moved to Houston, says that “Mattress Mack” is a beloved Houstonian. He was a regular on the news, raising funds and organizing relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. If that’s not enough, he opened his showroom doors to shelter before Joel Osteen started his mega-church. He is a big Astros fan and takes military veterans to games with his. Mattress Mack flew into Mississippi three times in October to place wagers. He met LouAn Papas, Scarlet Pearl Casino’s CEO, on that first visit. Pappas called McIngvale, during a telephone conversation, “an endearing gentleman, who captured our hearts while he came here.” We had dinner. Everyone loved Mattress Mack.” Pappas stated that McIngvale’s $3.5million bet was “not only the largest single Mississippi bet but also the largest American sports gambling bet.” Pappas added that Mattress Mack claimed that as a Mississippi native, he was proud of placing the bet and that he made it in his casino. According to Pappas, Mattress Mack did not return Tuesday to increase her wager. “No, but we do expect him to be there if the Astros win,” Pappas stated. He must be there to collect $9 million. If it were me, I’d get there pretty fast. Wouldn’t you?”

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