/Mississippi heeds hurricane warning

Mississippi heeds hurricane warning

Matthew, a Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds up to 140 mph, is expected to arrive in Florida within 24 hours. Then it will move north towards Georgia as well as the Carolinas. Lee Smithson, Executive Director of Mississippi Emergency Management Agency says that this is a major hurricane and something North Carolina hasn’t seen in over 20 years. “Mississippi’s proud to be able send support and we’re honored to have the respect of others to request our expert emergency management specialists,” said Lee Smithson, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Executive Director. MEMA spokesperson Greg Flynn says that the agency is reviewing requests for assistance and may send more staff to areas where Hurricane Matthew is likely to strike. States that are prepared for a natural disaster such as this can request assistance from the Emergency Management Assistance Compact. Flynn says that after they submit a request, other states respond with, “OK, we can give you these many, and this amount it will cost.” After a hurricane, it is critical to restore electric power quickly. Already, crews from Mississippi Power and Entergy Mississippi are on their way to the areas along Matthew’s path. Governor Phil Bryant noted Wednesday that Mississippi is well-trained in hurricanes. Phil Bryant, Mississippi’s Governor, noted Wednesday that “Unfortunately Mississippi is well-trained for hurricanes.”