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Mississippi Stories Beth Ann Fennelly

This episode of Mississippi Stories features Beth Ann Fennelly, the 2016-2020 Mississippi Poet Laureate and Ole Miss professor. She talks to Marshall Ramsey, Mississippi Today Editor-At Large, about her writing and creativity, and how she overcomes setbacks. Fennelly is also the author of Unmentionables, Tender Hooks, and Open House (Zoo Press), all of which were winners of the 2001 Kenyon Review Prize and the Great Lakes College Association New Writers Award. She was also a Book Sense Top Ten poetry Pick. Fennelly is also the author and coauthor of The Tilted World (HarperCollins 2014), a nonfiction book. Her sixth book Heating & Cooling : 52 Micro-Memoirs (W.W. Norton 2017) was named the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Best Book, a Goodreaders Favorite 2017, and won the Housatonic Book Prize.