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Mississippi Stories Merc B Williams

This episode of Mississippi Stories features Marshall Ramsey, Mississippi Today Editor at Large, and Merc B. Williams. Merc is a comedian and host, as well as a writer and speaker. He appeared on Comedy Central’s Season 2 of “Hart of the City”, which was created by Kevin Hart and produced by Joey Wells and Leland “Pookey” Wiggington. In the latest installment of the series, Merc represented Jackson. Merc created Laugh Your Way To Work. This web series showcases his comedy talents to viewers on a variety of topics that they encounter during their daily commute. Williams is also a regular contributor to So FN Dope Magazine. He’s based in Sacramento, California and hosts Late Night Jxn, a variety show that covers all things Mississippi. Along with Nardo Blackmon, a fellow comedian, and Rita Brent, Williams is also 1/3 of “Hilarious Homies”. He is also co-creator and host of “Funny For The Free”, a comedy show that showcases comedians from the Jackson area. Along with his twin brother, Cocky McFly, he’s also part of the “Vibe Controllers podcast. Click here to listen to “Vibe Controllers”.