/Mississippi Today celebrates sixth anniversary in March

Mississippi Today celebrates sixth anniversary in March

Since our inception, we have covered many beats. We take pride creating engaging events that allow us to connect with communities throughout the state (when public health permits). We will take you on a six-day journey through six years of journalism by highlighting some of the best stories from each year. Let’s start with 2016, the year that it all began.

Our coverage of House Bill 1523, also known as the “religious freedom bill,” was one of our most popular stories of that year. Larrison Campbell covered the complicated and confusing case over several months. “House Bill1523 protects three’sincerely held religious beliefs.” These are: the marriage between one man, one woman, and that people shouldn’t have sex beyond such marriages. The gender of a person is determined at birth. “The law protects anyone who opposes gay marriage or transgender individuals due to these beliefs from lawsuits.” Our reporting revolves around breaking down complex issues and providing continuous coverage to keep Mississippians informed about the most pressing issues facing the state. You can see that we started our journey by offering our readers mission-driven journalism for no cost. Here’s where you come in. This kind of journalism can only be achieved with the support of readers like you. As a newsroom, being a non-profit is central to our identity. This means that we are motivated by values and not dividends. It also means that we rely upon donations from readers to fund the work we do. We pay for records requests, keep the lights on, provide healthcare, and many other things. To all our members: Thank you for your generosity. Without you, our work would not be possible. We are grateful for your engagement and readership. I hope that you will consider becoming a member of our growing community by making a donation. Although our journalists are the ones who write the stories, without you, the stories will not be told.