/Mississippi Today live local journalism event

Mississippi Today live local journalism event

Reporters opened up about their stories and shared their experiences with difficult stories. Our community members also captured the audience with their stories and talents. The night was centered around the theme Power: Stories Of Strength, Imbalance, and Untapped Potential. The unvarnished, true stories that were shared during the event reminded the audience of how journalism and storytelling can help those who are in difficult situations and give voice to those who feel powerless. You can view the photos of Eric J. Shelton from Mississippi Today, or take a look at the recap written by Nigel Dent. Nigel Dent kept the audience updated on every moment of the event via Twitter. Tonight is the night. In just a few minutes, our journalists will open the curtains on their vital work and let the public see the inside of journalism that they have so far only seen from the outside. Let’s get to know our guests! #LocalLivesMT pic.twitter.com/FVX4t6mcY7 He’s funny in real life! Tonight’s emcee is comedian and writer @MercBWilliams. He will provide plenty of energy and laughter throughout the evening. #LocalLivesMT pic.twitter.com/o5wacE4SS6 “Mississippi Today provides me an opportunity to take her people with me as I document their lives and stories through my lens.” #LocalLivesMT

Vickie King, Mississippi Today’s Pulitzer-nominated Photojournalist, is here to show you some of her best work. See some of her best work!https://t.co/oH3oHIFbtW “Exposing inequity through the stories of everyday people…can and will inspire change.” #LocalLivesMT

Take a look back! Anna Wolfe (@ayewolfe), examines some of the most scandalous state scandals, including the New welfare scandal. Take a look back!https://t.co/BUCJPgHh4a “The people of Mississippi need a…reliable source of news so they can make the decisions required to take Mississippi into the future.” #LocalLivesMT

Cartoonist @MarshallRamsey travels the state to spark convo about news and engaging in civic life!https://t.co/WEOgwmn9S9 Director Benjamin Saulberry will be joining us from the Emmett Till Interpretive Center Museum #LocalLivesMT https://t.co/GxD3ugb1XQ Best for last, of course! @theVitaminCea will provide the music for this evening of live journalism. You can check her out! #LocalLivesMThttps://t.co/ewsuffvXFd We’re so excited to have you all join us this evening as we tackle the theme of ‘Power: Stories of Strength, Imbalance and Untapped Potential.’ But stay tuned here even if you can’t make it; I’ll be keeping you updated to the last minute! #LocalLivesMT pic.twitter.com/7qxhITSBPu We’re live! #LocalLivesMT is now live with @MarshallRamsey and Vickie King. pic.twitter.com/xACpz9jpz9 Reminder that tonight’s theme is ‘Power: Stories of Strength, Imbalance and Untapped Potential.’ Our journalists will share stories of their reporting while Community members also share true, unvarnished stories from their lives. Mary Margaret White, MT executive director (@dearmarymarg), shares her joy at tonight’s start. @MarshallRamsey recounts helping Mississippians affected by Hurricane Katrina and shares a story about how this artistically inspired him pic.twitter.com/QsMMdtAxnD A word from Benjamin Saulberry as he shares a bit of his childhood growing up in Talahatchie County near the site of Emmett Till’s lynching, #LocalLivesMT pic.twitter.com/WAbtHNoCGN Proof that @MercBWilliams is keeping the crowd laughing! We’re having a blast hearing stories from the crowd about their “secret powers”…#LocalLivesMT pic.twitter.com/g4h1Qv7vyI Another word, this time from @theVitaminCea! pic.twitter.com/sWMn2CJa69 And also a few bars because she is a rapper! She revealed that @theVitaminCea had previewed some exclusives for the crowd, but they won’t be available until the end of the year. #LocalLivesMT pic.twitter.com/4xfuxgPnSb And the crowd loved it, of course! #LocalLivesMT pic.twitter.com/DSwJjaiYR9 From @ayewolfe: “You can’t go into a story thinking you’ll know how the narrative will turn out.” Investigative reporter Anna Wolfe details an untold story to illustrate the difficulty of having an important but complicated subject. #LocalLivesMT pic.twitter.com/XNyDVFpsi1 @MercBWilliams gives us an anecdote on it being okay to cry and turning 40 today. The message is getting through to the audience, I believe! #LocalLivesMT pic.twitter.com/0ySkfbGQNy Closing out with a powerful tale from her career, photojournalist Vickie King talks about capturing an emotional photo of a grieving father that sparked conversation far and wide, but also received as much vitriol as it did praise. #LocalLivesMT pic.twitter.com/juMpeae5aE Our wonderful host for the evening, @MercBWilliams, leaves us with this: “Laughter is a gift.” #LocalLivesMT Kudos to our guests for enriching tonight’s experience! @MarshallRamsey and @theVitaminCea and @ayewolfe made us smile, cry, think deeply, and dance to the beat. To say that they are powerful is an understatement. You should have been there! #LocalLivesMT pic.twitter.com/4UkazSgtuw Find out more about upcoming Mississippi Today events. Learn More about Local Live(s).
This event is part a national series Back Pocket co-producing with state and local news organizations across the nation. The Power series also features the Miami Herald, Buckeye Flame and The Forward newsrooms. A collaborative event was held by KHOL Jackson Hole community radio, WyoFile and Jackson Hole News and Guide. The Meta Journalism Project sponsors Local Lives and is partially funded by the Brown Institute of Media Innovation.