/Mississippi Valley State University revamps security after campus shooting

Mississippi Valley State University revamps security after campus shooting

Nonprofit Mississippi News ITTA BENA — Leadership at Mississippi Valley State University is reevaluating security and communications policies after a campus shooting. According to a university statement, one person was killed in the Charles Lackey Recreation Center at MSVU’s campus on Tuesday around 7:15 p.m. However, it was hours before students were notified by the university and they released official information. Brittany Davis Green, an MSVU spokesperson, said that someone posted on Facebook that there was an active shooter at campus while we were making a statement. “Had we made a holding statement sooner, we could have stopped that rumor in its tracks.” The victim, who was not a student, suffered injuries that weren’t life-threatening. The shooter is still being sought by police. After the university issued a statement, students were notified via text, email, and social media. Some students and their parents were notified first by incorrect Facebook posts. My mom saw it via Facebook. “My mom saw it on Facebook. I was scared and she texted me asking ‘Are you all okay? Jalecia Clark, a MSVU freshman who studies art, said that she didn’t know what was happening so she started texting and calling people to find out. Many students believed it was a mass shooting as the story is becoming more prevalent. Briana Bradley, a MSVU junior studying criminal justice, said, “Oh my Lord, another school shooting. But this time it was my school.” In its policy, the Institutions of Higher Learning gives guidance on how to respond or communicate during crisis situations. It also has a firearms policies that outlines how to communicate or react in a crisis. This provision was removed. It was replaced by the “Mississippi School Safety Act”, which allows teachers and staff of public schools to carry firearms on campus. MSVU has been strengthening its security policies and implementing new ones. The university sent out a press release stating that everyone entering campus would need to show identification. It also stated that the rec center would be closed until additional security measures are in place. Students stated that they do not feel unsafe on campus but would like more security.