/Mississippi’s future is on the line That’s why we’re asking tough questions

Mississippi’s future is on the line That’s why we’re asking tough questions

Experts and economists aren’t able to agree on the exact impact this tax cut will have on Mississippi’s economy. Many Mississippians are concerned that no two studies will show the exact same results. This gives them cause to question whether or not this idea has been thoroughly vetted. Some top Democrats and Republicans in Mississippi are questioning whether the state can afford this move. Mississippi Today has been covering this crucial debate for weeks. We have been asking hard but fair questions to both the representatives who support and those who oppose the income tax cut. Here are some highlights from our extensive coverage. We have covered the economic scoring of the tax cuts proposals, the battle lines drawn between Republican lawmakers about how much the state could afford, the growing infighting among Senate and House Republican leaders, and the projections that low-income Mississippians would have to pay more if this plan passed. And, perhaps most important, the models that demonstrate how the proposals could adversely affect the state’s ability fund its current services. We are journalists who seek out the truth. To help Mississippians understand the reasons behind their government’s decisions, we provide context and analysis. Our reporting focuses on the impact proposed policies will have on ordinary Mississippians who want better lives for their family and themselves. Our job is to be the eyes, ears and mouths of the public. We must ask elected officials questions on behalf of our constituents. Most of them don’t have the ability to do so. We are Mississippians above all. We care deeply about the state’s future and it is our duty to hold those in power accountable. We have only one agenda: to tell the truth about Mississippi. Some of our reporting was attacked by partisan media who supported the House income tax elimination program. This “news organization” backlash highlights the importance of journalists’ role in asking the question: Is this tax cut the right decision for Mississippi? As the 2022 legislative session approaches its end, we will continue to press lawmakers to answer that question. READ MORE: See our complete coverage of the Mississippi Legislature