/More candidates qualify in race to fill US Rep Harper’s seat

More candidates qualify in race to fill US Rep Harper’s seat

Hughes stated that he believes he is the best conservative candidate to fill this role. According to the Associated Press, Perry Parker from Seminary also filed papers Wednesday to be eligible to run for the seat. He was an investment banker. This seat is likely to attract a crowded Republican primary field as well as a few experienced Democratic officials. However, it was not expected to be in play during 2018 midterms. The district extends from the Golden Triangle to the extreme southwest Mississippi. Harper’s unexpected announcement that he would not seek re-election triggered a political chain reaction within the state. Immediately, potential candidates and politicians began calling prominent donors throughout the state to gauge support. Guest, who was the first to qualify, stated earlier this month that he will focus his campaign on fighting the opioid epidemic in Mississippi, nationally, fixing infrastructure issues, and funding the military. The House seat vacant throws a wrench into the already turbulent short-term political landscape in Mississippi. The state’s junior senator Sen. Roger Wicker is up for re-election this year. His colleagues, Sen. Thad Cobbran, have privately indicated that he may retire this year because of health concerns._x000D