/New leader for influential lobbying group that helped block gas tax hike

New leader for influential lobbying group that helped block gas tax hike

Russ Latino will be replaced by Dellinger, who accepted the role of vice president at the anti-tax advocacy organization. Latino led the Mississippi chapter and was vocal in opposing attempts to increase gasoline taxes to fund what many agree is a failing state and a degrading local transportation system. Governor. Phil Bryant called a special meeting to pass legislation to fund transportation. This included issuing bonds, creating a lottery and transferring funds from other agencies such as education and public health. The special session did not attempt to raise the gasoline tax. Americans for Prosperity had previously run advertisements praising Lt. Governor. Tate Reeves led the effort to stop any increase in gasoline tax. The supporters of raising the gasoline tax pointed to Mississippi’s 18.4 cents per gallons as the lowest rate in the country. Missouri voters rejected a proposal to raise the state’s fuel taxes in November. It is one of the lower states than Mississippi that has a gasoline tax. Dellinger stated, “I am incredibly humbled by this opportunity. Americans for Prosperity wants to eliminate barriers to ensure that Mississippians can pursue their dreams with no obstacles. “America was founded on the belief that everyone should be able to use their natural talents. It is the first country in the entire world. Our staff and volunteers are committed to making that proposition real for every Mississippian.” Dellinger was a lawyer for over 20 years and also served as the Madison County Business League and Foundation’s government relations chair. Latino stated that the goal of the organization is to “take it to the next level in Mississippi.”