/No 1 seed State gets manageable tournament draw

No 1 seed State gets manageable tournament draw

One of the announcers stated that anyone can win any game in the NCAA Tournament on any night. It doesn’t. It showed that Mississippi State was able to defeat UConn on a given night. Few teams are. The women’s basketball league isn’t as strong as the men’s. The reality is that only five to six teams could win the Final Four in Columbus, Ohio. That’s why Monday night’s selection shows were so interesting – it’s important to see who everyone must beat to reach the Final Four. First impression: Mississippi State is pleased to be ranked No. The Kansas City Regional is the No. 1 seed. Saturday’s first round match at Starkville saw the Bulldogs take on Nicholls State. If they win that game, the Bulldogs will face the winner of the Syracuse or Oklahoma State matchups, which will be played Saturday at Starkville. MSU will be strongly favored to win again. The Bulldogs will advance to the Kansas City Regional, where they will eventually have to defeat either No. 2 seed Texas and No. To win the title, UCLA will be 3 seeds. Texas was defeated six times in this season. UCLA lost seven. State lost one. It’s a manageable draw that’s certainly better than UConn’s. UConn is the Albany Regional’s No 1 seed, where the Huskies will play No. South Carolina is the Regional champion and 2 seed. South Carolina, which defeated State in the SEC Tournament Championship game, is my favorite 2-seed. It’s hard to imagine that the Gamecocks are thrilled about being in UConn’s bracket. The No. 2 seeds are Notre Dame in the Spokane Regional and Louisville in the Lexington Regional. The other two No. 1 seeds are Notre Dame at the Spokane Regional, and Louisville at the Lexington Regional. While state fans would prefer to be closer to their home in the regional at Lexington than the other teams, it is possible that they were not as impressed by the experience of the other teams. The powerhouses Baylor, Tennessee and Stanford are the 2-3-4-5 seeded seeds. This is no bargain. Vic Schaefer should be happy with the bracket. Although the Bulldogs will need to perform well to reach the second consecutive Final Four, it is possible. State will not face UConn until the championship.