/Private Tallahatchie prison to house 1,350 federal detainees

Private Tallahatchie prison to house 1,350 federal detainees

CoreCivic, a Nashville-based company, announced earlier this month that it had signed a two-year contract to the U.S. Beginning June 14, the Marshals Service will place detainees at the Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility in Tutwiler. “The U.S. “The U.S. Marshals Service has seen an increasing need to detention capacity as their average daily prisoner populations has increased over the past year,” Damon Hininger (president and CEO of CoreCivic), stated in a statement. Our Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility is able to quickly accept detainees because of our staff of well-trained corrections professionals. CoreCivic, which was formerly called Corrections Corporation of America (or simply CoreCivic), has been the owner of the facility since 2000. CoreCivic is the nation’s second largest correctional firm. The company has enjoyed success in recent years, as President Donald Trump promised to be tough on crime. CoreCivic shares rose 3.5 percent on Monday, the day Trump signed an executive order to end migrant family separations at border. The stock of the company, which donated to Trump’s inaugural committee in April, has risen 20 percent over the past two months. CoreCivic has not responded to inquiries about the prisoners that will be held at the prison. U.S. Marshals Service spokesperson also declined to confirm who would be housed at the prison. A spokesperson for the U.S. Marshals Service would not confirm who would be detained at the Tallahatchie County facility. According to a SunTrust Robinson Humphrey report, analysts believe that Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy towards migrants crossing the border could also be a profit for CoreCivic private prison companies. The immigrant detainees may be able to avoid the “cumbersome, lengthy public processes” associated with U.S. contracts. Marketwatch reported June 25, that the Marshals Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement were both in operation. CoreCivic has a contract with The Federal Bureau of Prisons to operate a Mississippi prison, the 2,232-bed Adams County Correctional Center. A facility is also managed by the federal prison bureau in Yazoo County. According to the Associated Press, 25 guards were added to Tallahatchie prison’s facility after inmates set fire to mattresses, clothing, and a portable toilet. One correctional officer was killed when prisoners rebelled at the Adams County Correctional Center in May 2012. Since then, several inmates have been convicted of their involvement in the incident. CoreCivic (then CCA), lost its contract to run the Wilkinson County Correctional Facility, which houses 1,000 inmates. MTC, a Utah-based private operator, was awarded the contract instead. MTC is still the only prison contractor for state-owned facilities. According to the BOP website the majority of inmates at contract prisons such as the Adams County facility are sentenced criminal aliens who could be deported after their sentences have been completed. The Associated Press reported that 48 of the prisoners they deemed disruptive would be transferred to the Tallahatchie County facility. The U.S. Marshals Service held an average of 50,532 prisoners per day in 2017. In 2017, the U.S. Marshals Service housed an average of 50.532 prisoners. Some 9,095 were in private facilities. The marshals held 13 contracts with private detention facilities as of the year 2000.