/Prosecutors More charges coming in Epps case

Prosecutors More charges coming in Epps case

The U.S. Attorney’s Office advised the court that the charges would be filed by July 18th, which was the date set for Epps’ sentencing. At Wednesday’s status update John Colette, Jackson attorney, represented Epps. He said that prosecutors had told Judge Henry Wingate that 10 additional people would be indicted by the investigation. Colette noted, however, that not all indictments come from a grand jury, but rather “bills” which are direct charges brought against the U.S government without having to go through a grand jury. Epps pleaded guilty to illegal acts related to vendor contracts with Mississippi Department of Corrections. Cecil McCrory was the businessman from Rankin County. Carlos Tanner, McCrory’s attorney, told the court that he intends to appeal McCrory’s guilty plea. Tanner was not present for McCrory at the time of McCrory’s plea. The Epps case is still being disposed of. Prosecutors are trying to increase the “loss” that the state suffered from Epps’ corruption in return for selecting contractors to provide a wide range of services for the Department of Corrections. Colette says they are wrong and asks the court to use information already available to decide his client’s sentence. Sam Waggoner (a Carthage businessman) pleaded guilty in the case to one count each of bribery and has yet to be sentenced. On July 5, a fourth defendant, Irb Benjamin (ex-senator from north Mississippi), will be tried on federal charges that he bribed Epps for contracts for inmate drug treatment and Epps’ assistance with additional prison-related work. Benjamin’s lawyer requested that his trial be delayed earlier this week. To support this important work, you can make a regular donation to us today as part of the Spring Member Drive.